XML file from Logic - can i open in STP

October 11 0
i had a professional do sound design for me. he put all of the actual sound files on my hard drive and also gave me an XML file, which he said i could open in FCP and all of my sound would line up in it's own tracks.
does anyone know how i can open this XML into a soundtrack pro multritrack project?
or do i have to get it to work first in FCP then export as a multitrack?
You might have tried by this time . . . but, yes. Just do an "open" from within STP, find the file, and it should open.
XML file from Logic - can i open in STP

i had a professional do sound design for me. he put all of the actual sound files on my hard drive and also gave me an XML file, which he said i could open in FCP and all of my sound would line up in it's own tracks. does anyone know how i can open t

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