Why can't I clear my history? Always used to be able to? What have I done differently?

November 30 0
My history will not clear whilst in use and only clears when Firefox has been closed.
Hi Bobby,
Your upgrade to Mavericks shouldn't pose a problem. Where is the form stored? Is the form (and the response file) on your computer? Or is it stored on Acrobat.com? You originally said you were receiving the response data, but then it stopped working. Did anything other than your OS upgrade change?
How do I stop FF from restoring previous session, I've already played with all the options I can find but nothing stops it unless I delete history each time.

Recently, FF has started opening my last tabs when I start a fresh session. I have already checked to make sure that none of the applicable settings are enabled, such as under Options->General: When FF starts "SHOW MY HOMEPAGE" is selected. B

I can't print anymore, the "help" button doesn't work, and Firefox always sets to "Never Remember History" even if I change it

SO many issues with Firefox now! For one, it crashes quite a bit. I submit the crash report, and go from there. Keeps happening. But the main thing is this: I go to "Options" and under "Privacy" it has "Never remember history"

How can I make sure my history doesn't expire and that I can transfer over places.sqlite?

There's probably alot of questions on this subject asked already but I've gone over just about all of the possibly relevant ones that've been already asked and I still can't figure out what to do. I'm trying to move my complete history from an XP Fir

How to handle BP who is both Customer and Vendor during history import?

Hi Forum, This is for importing Financial transactions for Open Sales Orders, Open Sales Invoices, Open Purchase Orders and Open Purchase Invoices and also for importing history for all Closed Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders and Invoices. Our

Invoice payment history report

I'm looking for a report that will show me the payment history (open items and cleared items) that corresponds to an invoice or a list of invoices. I have played around with a couple of standard SAP reports and I don't find them to be all that pretty

Print History Report on HP Officepro 8500A Plus

Can I obtain a print history from the printer similiar to a fax history?There is not a print history capability available from the printer.  The total page count is available from a self test page. Depending on your operating system there may be thir

After upgrading to Firefox 11.0, clicks that link to a file do not report in the history and do not show up as visited.

Installed Beta 12.0 to no resolution. This same issue is happening on my other computer running 11.0. Checked in MS Explorer and links work normally. Here's an example link: file:///Z:/shared_cvo_docs/cust_inventory.xlsx This link opens a excel sprea

How can I display ONLY bookmarks, and not History?

I'm sorry to ask a question with probably such an obvious answer, but I have never been able to figure this out. I want to display all my bookmarks so I can do a search & find the right page. But I always get my entire list of every page I've ever vi

IChat - Synching Chatting History from multiple devices on same account

I currently have the iChat server up and running on a MacMini running OS X 10.6.4. I see in the iChat client on my MacBook Pro where it will load past messages when I open a chat with a buddy. I am also running a jabber client on my iPhone (IM+ is th

Is it possible to view your current history for a single tab in safari lion

Is it possible to view your current history for a single tab in safari lion?Not once the tab has been closed. If it hasn't, clicking and holding the Back button will display the titles of recently visited sites in that tab. (68280)Read other 3 answer

I have updated to a new version of firefox and lost all of my 'history' i need it back.. I had so much info there and now its gone.. please help me

a update version of firefox came up.. tellingme to update to new version of firefox. So I did.. it loaded the current version. I always have my 'history' showing. (in the VIEW title on top of screen I go to SIDEBAR, and have history showing. It is on

HT1632 I can view a workout on my ipod touch history, but not in itunes or on nike+ website.  I can't seem to upload this run and it's really annoying as I'm loosing about 12k of runs.  It seems to happen when I program in a custom run.  Can you help?

Hi there, I have just done a custom run on my Ipod touch 2nd Gen of 12k.  When I finished the run is appearing in my run history on my iPod touch, however it is not appearing in my itunes 'Nike+' tab, or on the Nike + website.  I can't seem to get th

My safari menu bar is missing --the menu bar for desktop, HD, and apps appears, but when I click on Safari, it disappears, so I can no longer see my buttons for History, etc.  I think my husband (pc user) clicked it away.  Any ideas how to retrieve it?

My safari menu bar is missing.  The menu bar for desktop, HD, and apps appears, but when I click on Safari, it disappears, so I can no longer see my buttons for History, etc.  I think my husband (pc user) clicked it away when borrowing my computer. 

How do I get back my bookmarks and history which disappeared after downloading critical Windows Updates?

On 10/16/14 I downloaded 11 critical Windows Updates (I have the 64-bit version of Windows 7 Pro). All updates ran successfully, but after the updates, Firefox would not run. Instead I got the error "Couldn't Load XPCOM". Internet Explorer was w

My Firefox history has disappeared and I need help trying to restore it. Please help!

CCleaner, out of no where, decided to delete most of my Firefox history the last time I used it. There's a tiny part of my browser history that's still there, but most of it's gone. If someone can PLEASE help me, you have no idea how grateful I would

I have installed firefox Aurora, but can I uninstall it and go back to Firefox 11 if I find version 11 better? Will I lose history and bookmarks?

I have installed the new version 13, called Aurora. I am currently using it, but if I start not liking the new features (so far I do! But I have to ask) can I "go back" to the "good old" Firefox 11? Will I be loosing my data and settin

The Url History in the address bar is not working anymore. Reinstalling/Updating does not fix this. How to I get this working again?

I'm talking about the Address Bar. For example: You type in Google and it shows www.google.com etc. Because this is in your history. But this has stopped working since I emptied my cookies. But not my history. I also checked if my history is still th

I can't see any history in time machine

I have Time Machine backups for my MacBook on an external USB drive.  When I connect the drive and turn on Time Machine by the control panel switch, it happily recognizes the backups and tells me when the first and most recent backups were performed.

Not able to update history columns in Jdeveloper11.

Hi , We have one ADF application that is migrated from 10g to 11g.And our application is deployed on the weblogic server. We are Using JDeveloper we are facing some session time out issues in the application which is intermitent and wheneve

Can I delete contents of the history cache?

I was trying to do a poor man's backup of a my wife's root folder (and all it contains) by simply dragging her root folder into a net drive I have mounted. It's worked before. And it's an expedient method until I settle on a real backup app. Half way