Up to 13 days standby time.....

November 30 0
The claim is, that stadby. time is 13 days. Can somebody specify this? My phone only holds power for about 2 days and a re-charge is necc.
I have  Model STL100-3. Does network need to be turned off during stadby.?
Up to 13 days standby time
*Note: Battery life claims are for Model STL100-3
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No, using your device for voice, sms, data, email, etc., you will not attain 13 days of standby time.
If you removed all data applications, email, BBM, etc., from the device and used ONLY the voice you could very likely attain 13 days of battery life. Maybe. Perhaps.
But that would be the only way to even get close to 13 days.
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