Unable to patch OLAP components to

October 11 0
We had Oracle enterprise edition installed with OLAP and data mining options along side OWB 9.2. We applied the patch set version and followed all the steps listed in the readme for patch 3501955.
The database version seems to be patched to Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production, but the olap components did not get patched. They are still showing version in the dba_registry.
The BI_CheckConfig output below does not show the olap versions.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<BICheckConfig version="">
<Check key="JDEV_ORACLE_HOME" value="C:\JDev9i"/>
<Check key="JAVA_HOME" value="C:\JDev9i\jdk"/>
<Check key="JDeveloper version" value=""/>
<Check key="BI Beans version" value=""/>
<Check key="BI Beans internal version" value=""/>
<Check key="host" value="digitalmetrics"/>
<Check key="port" value="1521"/>
<Check key="sid" value="oradm01"/>
<Check key="user" value="bibdemo"/>
<Check key="Connecting to the database" value="Successful"/>
<Check key="JDBC driver version" value=""/>
<Check key="JDBC JAR file location" value="C:\JDev9i\jdbc\lib"/>
<Check key="Database version" value=""/>
<Check key="OLAP Catalog version" value=""/>
<Check key="OLAP AW Engine version" value=""/>
<Check key="OLAP API Server version" value=""/>
<Check key="BI Beans Catalog version" value="N/A; not installed in bibdemo"/>
<Check key="OLAP API JAR file version" value="9.2"/>
<Check key="OLAP API JAR file location" value="C:\JDev9i\jdev\lib\ext"/>
<Check key="OLAP API Metadata Load" value="Unsuccessful"/>
<Check key="Failure Point" value="MDMLoadFailed"/>
<Check key="StackTrace">
1) BIB-10701 Error occurred in connection to metadata.
2) BIB-16627 Cannot connect to the database.
3) ORA-37111: Message 37111 not found; product=RDBMS; facility=ORA
; arguments: [The specified module could not be found.
ORA-06512: at "SYS.OLAPIBOOTSTRAP", line 0
ORA-06512: at line 1
1) BIB-10701 Error occurred in connection to metadata.
oracle.dss.metadataManager.common.MetadataManagerException: BIB-10701 Error occurred in connection to metadata.
Do we need to apply any other patches or are we missing some steps.
The OLAP component versions are empty.
<Check key="OLAP Catalog version" value=""/>
<Check key="OLAP AW Engine version" value=""/>
<Check key="OLAP API Server version" value=""/>
Please doublecheck that the catpatch.sql script ran without any errors.
Aneel Shenker
Senior Product Manager
Oracle Corp.
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Hi, We had Oracle enterprise edition installed with OLAP and data mining options along side OWB 9.2. We applied the patch set version and followed all the steps listed in the readme for patch 3501955. The database version seems to be

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