Unable to duplicate subtree E1EDK14 for ORDERS05

November 30 0
For File to Idoc flow, my mapping requirement is
For E1EDK14,
For that, I have to duplicate subtree E1EDK14 and map it from the source field.
But when I save it the second node of of E1EDK14 is deleted with message.
Target structure has no such path:
/ORDERS05/IDOC/E1EDK14[1]/ORGID. Skipping mapping
Note that the occurance of E1EDK14 is 0..12
Is there any way to achieve this?
Hi Anirudh,
You can achieve the above condition by checking the conditon of source filed which is mapped to Qualifier field of idoc and with check you can map it to OrderType. like
if --->SourceField -->Equals --> 012 then ---> ORDERTYPE --->OrgID
and foe second case
if --->SourceField -->Equals --> 008 then ---> SALESORG --->OrgID
Otherwise if you want to duplicate Create New mapping and first duplicate the Segment and then proceed with the mapping.
Unable to duplicate subtree E1EDK14 for ORDERS05

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