Tool for mass modification of KM / collaboration permissions

October 11 0
do you know if there is a tool in portal for mass modification of permissions for documents, folders and collaboration rooms? It would be quite handy.
For example I have a folder which contains 100 documents and I want to change permissions for only some of the documents, but I don't want to change them one by one (go through the details dialog box for each document and change permissions).
The same question is for collaboration rooms.
Hi Ladislav,
There is a KM report named Propagation of Properties, under Content Administration -> KM Content -> Toolbox -> Reports -> Mass Operations -> Propagation of Properties, which allows you to propagate the existing properties of a resource, to other folders and their contents or to individual documents.
Refer to [] for more information on how to use this KM report.
Hope this Helps.
Tool for mass modification of KM / collaboration permissions

Hi, do you know if there is a tool in portal for mass modification of permissions for documents, folders and collaboration rooms? It would be quite handy. For example I have a folder which contains 100 documents and I want to change permissions for o

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