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I just wanted to inform any who plans on ordering from BT to read this first!
2 weeks ago i placed a order online for BT Infinity and a Normal telephone line. I was told my order has been accepted and my activation date would be the 10/05/2011 (today) between 8am and 1pm. I was sent a mail saying my hub would be delieved prior to the engineer visit on the 10th and it duly was. All great service. However this is where it ends
Last night i rang BT and advised that as it is very hard and costly for me to have time of work, i wanted to double check that the engineer would be coming today. They advised me not to worry as it was all arranged. This mornign i again rang as if there were to be any problems i could not afford to have the day of work. Again i was told it is fine, a engineer will come and fit the phone line, then a hour or so after a enigneer will come and fit the infinity. Around 9 this morning a engineer came round and installed my phone line all well and good, he informed me that once he closes his job they will send a bt infinity engineer. So it gets to 11am and nobody has come, so i ring and again am told all is well and the engineer will defo be there before 1. It gets to 12.50 and still no engineer has arrived so i ring. I get told there is a problem, then placed on hold for 40 min and hung up on. So i ring back, by now i am fuming. I speak to sombody who passes me to the broadband team who want my bt e-mail address. I advise that i havent had it installed so i have no e-mail address. I am then passed back to another team (another 20 min wait). I was then told the engineer had seen a problem at the exchange and would not be attending.
No sorry, no phone call. not even a txt to tell me that he wouldnt be there.
I have now lost a full days pay down to BT's incomptence. To make matters worse i have asked when it will be sorted and have been told it will take 24 hours to let me know what the problem was and when it can be resolved
One word for this service! JOKE!
If this is how the biggest telephone provider in the UK treat its customers, what hope is there?
I would recommend going getting a 3g dongle, because although the speeds slow at least you know you can rely on it. not like BT
Hi steve,
Welcome to the forums I'm really sorry to hear of the hassle you're having trying to get Infinity installed. If you fill out our contact webform (the link is in my profile under "about me"), I'll pick it up and have a look at the case to find out what exactly is going on.
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Hi, I just wanted to inform any who plans on ordering from BT to read this first! 2 weeks ago i placed a order online for BT Infinity and a Normal telephone line. I was told my order has been accepted and my activation date would be the 10/05/2011 (t

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