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Mtp usb device failed error - iphone 3g - win 7 pro

October 11 12

I have iphone 3g. I use Win 7 pro OS. when i plug in iphone to usb port, i get error message as - device driver failed to install - in detail - mtp usb device failed.. In iTUNES i am able to view the iphone, sync my contacts with MS outlook etc.. kin...Read more

Can't synch with DTM on win 7/outlook 7 Read KB02048

November 30 0

Help! I posted before. I can't sync my Curve on my brand new Dell with win 7 and Outlook 2007 using DTM 5.0.1. I continue to get an "unable to read application data" error. I have followed all of the directions on KB02048, but the solutions are...Read more

PEAP Authentcation order, before Win Login

November 30 0

Hello, I've noticed a problem and I've not found any suitable information...maybe anyone has already experienced this scenario I'm using PEAP Auth on both Wired and Wireless Networks for authenticating client (XP SP1) to Win AD/SAM via Radius (applia...Read more

Install win 8.1 error looking for disk

October 11 0

I have a new Mac Mini w/ Mavericks OS.  I have been trying to install Win 8.1 for days.  I had a keyboard on order, finally came today to allow me to Recover the Mac from a failed Win 8.1 install.  I have read hundreds of conversations on this topic....Read more

Update frome win8 to win 8.1 error oxc1900101 - ox30018

October 11 6

I have purchased at Toshiba laptop including win8. After release, I installed win 8.1 easily, following common procedure. It worked perfectly and I was quite happy with it. Due to some hardware issues, I turned the laptop in for repair. The motherboa...Read more

Pdf printer driver install win 8.1

October 11 0

i have uninstalled and reinstalled reader 11 5 times, that is after installing reader 8.1 in cs3. i have searched and tried every option and spent 5 hrs trying to get the pdf printer installed on my new asus with win 8.1. i was able to down load pdf...Read more

G510 install Win 8.1 on a smaller SSD. What files to copy.

October 11 0

Yesterday I got a new G510. The HD is not in good condition after dropping it. I wanted to swap the 1TB HD 5200 rpm  anyways for my 120 GB SSD. I can still get at the files on the original HD. What files and/or partitions do I need to copy to the SSD...Read more

Install win 8.1 pro pack

October 11 0

In the process of Adding Features to Win 8.1 with the Microsoft Win8.1 Pro Pack, I was able to install the Microsoft license key - it accepted it, but the last step in the process fails with this error:  "Something went wrong.  Close this wizard and...Read more

Install win 8.1 on Helix with format old partition

October 11 1

Hello All. I decidedinstall new Win 8.1 from USB disk and formatted partition with old 8.0, when install 8.1 on established patrtion. Everything was established, but now when i try to activate Windows - see error 0x8007007b (The filename, directory n...Read more

Error trying to install Win 8.1 x64 Enterprise

October 11 0

Brand new iMac 27", fully loaded, 1 TB SSD, 32 GB RAM, running Mavericks 10.9.3.  Trying to install Win 8.1 x64 Enterprise (from MSDN). Downloaded the ISO file and license and used Boot Camp to install the files and Apple Support files to a 16 GB USB...Read more

Win 8.1, iMac Retina 3TB Fusion, Yosemite, Boot Camp fail!

October 11 7

I've got a new iMac Retina with the 3TB Fusion drive on which I wanted to install Win 8.1 using Boot Camp. I have VMWare Fusion installed and running, but figured Boot Camp might be better for my needs. I read the Boot Camp Assistant instructions and...Read more