Visual Composer exe setup download


Error in Visual Composer - winsvc.exe

November 30 0

Hello. I have installed Visual Composer 6 and Service Pack 2. However when I connect to my portal(6.4 stack 4) I get the following error: Error winsvc.exe?get=1846140 It is installed on a windows 2000 server and IIS version 5. Please help. PeteHi Pet...Read more

Where can I Download Visual Composer 6?

November 30 0

I have downloaded the Netweaver 6 Sneak Preview with Enterprise Portal 6.  I have also downloaded the old GUIMachine Visual Composer, which does not connect to EP 6 correctly.  Is there a place I can download the Visual Composer for Enterprise Portal...Read more

Where can i download Visual Composer 7.0?

November 30 0

Hi, Where can i download Visual Composer 7.0? Thanks.Hi Its freeware available with SAP Netweaver. You can check with following link whether it is installed or not - http://localhost:50400/VC/default.jsp  (VC is in caps) You also need to install foll...Read more

Download Visual Composer cockpit

November 30 0

Dear all, I would like to provide my users with the possibility to download the Visual Composer cockpit that I have build. Is this possible and what should I do to accomplish this? I know that in SEM when you build a Balanced Scorecard the user can s...Read more

Visual Composer 7.0 Setup/Configuration (with NW2004s SP7)

November 30 0

Hi all, I've installed a NW2004s Portal with SP7. From my understanding, the SCA-files for VC are included in the installation/Support Package (I saw several VC*** files in SDM). But I can't start/access Visual Composer in my browser. I tried a URL l...Read more

Where can i download the visual composer SDK?

November 30 0

Does any body knows, Where can i download the visual composer SDK?Hi Benni, I was online On your current version (2004s) no additional installation is required, you have to model and work directly on the Visual Composer Storyboard. That means no loca...Read more

Link for download Visual Composer 7.1

November 30 0

Dear all, Can any one give me direct link for download visual composer 7.1 ?? Regards, AbdulYou not need to download VC --> Read Regards.Read other 3 answer...Read more

Download Visual Composer

November 30 0

hi all, from where i can dowanload Visual Composer ?! i tried to find link but i couldnt. thank youHi Rakan, Check this links, will be useful for you. Where to download VC? Regards, ShemimRead other 2 answers...Read more

Visual composer downloading

November 30 0

hellow anybody, can say how can we download visual composer and installation procedure thanq regards kumarHi Kumar goto ->sap support package ->sap netweaver -> sap netweaver04->entry by component ->visual composer ->...Read more

How to get started with visual composer 6.0??????

November 30 0

I have downloaded the setup.exe from But after installing it i am not being able to view any of the element in the different tabs like.....define properties, select data services, define fields, design the views, add elements.......t...Read more

Problem to install Visual Composer.

November 30 0

Hi, I am having some problems to install this versions: NWVC60_0-20000504 About my landscape: I am using two boxes machines: one of them where is installed MSSQL 2000 SP3, and the other one E.P 6.0 SP2 Patch 4 and IIS 5.0. I read Installation Guide 1...Read more

Data Service System In Visual Composer  7.1

October 11 2

Hello,Experts: Recently ,i am focusing on the mirgration function of SAP NetWeaver,and visual composer is among them . In netweaver 2004s enterpise portal ,i have done the system connection between Enterpise Portal and ECC and BW ,and the system alia...Read more

How to call a BAPI from Visual Composer

October 11 0

hi,    I am new to Visual composer. can some body give me step by step information of calling a bapi or RFC from VC. Thanks in advance, GopiHi Gopi, Steps involed for calling RFC/BAPI from VC 1. Choose Model->Select Data Services. (Alternatively, cli...Read more

How to work with BI using Visual Composer....?

October 11 0

Hi I want to work with BI report and BEx analyzer etc using  Visual Composer. I am using Visual Composer 7.1. I  have configured BI system connection using the following link more

Error while opening the Visual composer

October 11 0

I have downloaded and installed the  following version from sdn. SAPNWCE71TrialSP1Preview_CompEnvServer . When i am trying to open the VC in browser. it is giving the following error while opening. Failed to open the workspace due to the following er...Read more

From Visual Composer to Developer Studio

October 11 0

Masters I need some help here! I import into the developer studio a *.par file, made with visual composer, so I can modify it from the developer studio. The project don't compile because the "GmlDynController" class is missing, so as there's not...Read more

Displaying Employee Photos in Visual Composer

October 11 1

Hi, I am having a requirement of displaying the employee photo's in a visual composer, Is there any standard RFC function module to display Employee photo?? If any body know's please let me know........... Thanks & Regards, BalaHi Elizabeth I've inst...Read more

Error in visual composer

October 11 0

HI Friends, I downloaded "SAP NetWeaver 2004 Java Trial Version" from sdn and installed on my laptop. In <b>"Administration"</b> user there is <b>"pcd:portal_content/"</b> rol...Read more