.ttf fonts for photoshop touch


More fonts in Photoshop Touch?

November 30 0

How do I get a larger selection of fonts in Photoshop Touch?If I recall, there was a handful of fonts available when connected to the Internet. (Not a huge amount but it was a list.) Not sure how it works now though.Read other 3 answers...Read more

Can I import new font in Photoshop Touch?

November 30 0

Is it possibile to import new font style in Photoshop Touch?I was disappointed that I couldn't find an answer to this but I think I've got it. Try installing HiFont from the App Market. It installs fonts on your android that work across most apps. Op...Read more

Getting fonts in photoshop 7 into photoshop 10

November 30 0

The enviro font is in photoshop 7 i bought photoshop 10 and its not there. So how do i get it copied into Photoshop 10?How to get fonts in Photoshop touch: * Email yourself the font files you want to use. * Download the app AnyFont in the AppStore *...Read more

Photoshop Touch 1.6 Fonts

November 30 0

Hi All, I have just installed the new update to Photoshop Touch. 1.6 The New Brush engine is excellent and a lot better then before (looking forward to more brushing being added) However the problem I have is the Fonts. The update states that can now...Read more

Can you import fonts into Adobe Ideas and Photoshop Touch?

November 30 0

Thinking about getting these apps and wanted to know if I could download fonts and use them in the apps like you would on a computer. Never had a tablet before either so just wondering if you could and howHi there - Ideas does not have the capability...Read more

Photoshop Touch support for Chinese, Japanese, & Korean?

November 30 0

open &menu-add text Not supported chinese Japanese KoreanHi vgxkghvgxkgh, I've seen other reports about other non-english characters not working as well. I'm not sure if the issue is because the fonts which are included with Photoshop Touch don't inc...Read more

Can't find font in Photoshop 7.0

November 30 0

I am trying to locate the font 'ITC FRANKLIN GOTHIC' which is listed in my list of fonts in Photoshop 7.0. However, when I go to program files/common files/adobe/fonts - i don't see it listed. I need to use this font in Word. Any suggestions on where...Read more

Possible adjustments Adobe Photoshop Touch?

November 30 0

Hi For an event, we are looking for an interesting photo app that should be able to edit pictures by adding text balloons and text. These balloons will be designed by us and the text will probably be in Cooper Black. My question: would it be possible...Read more

Adobe Photoshop Touch Question / Issue

October 11 0

Hello, I bought Adobe Photoshop Touch some time ago for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and I liked it so much. Of all the apps I had for photo editing, this one gave me all I need. I used to own Adobe Photoshop CS2 on my old PC so I wanted something for m...Read more

Adobe Photoshop touch Crash or freeze

October 11 3

I buy tris App a fer hours Ago but even with Salles files IT Crash or freeze at the time of open the local file. Im Creative Cloud member and your web site said is include, Ant way I buy the App at the AppStore and I dont like it. How can I get a ref...Read more