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Questions on InfoView Encyclopedia

October 11 0

Hi Experts, I have some questions on the Encyclopedia feature: 1) Seems the information maintained in the Encyclopedia can only be viewed on the Infoview screen. Is there any possibility to have this information automatically printed out together wit...Read more

Error while scheduling DESKI report in infoview

October 11 0

I m scheduling a DESKI report to users enterprise inbox from infoview using a server group. This server group has DesktopIntelligence Job server, Destination Job server, Adaptive Job server and Program Job servers and all these servers are running. W...Read more

DB error while running reports in InfoView

October 11 1

Hi, we are trying to create a report in infoview. however we are facing following error while trying to create new webintelligence document or running existing report: A database error occured. The database error text is: (CS) "DBDriver failed to loa...Read more

Can not log into Infoview with Windows AD credentials

October 11 0

Hi, I am using CRS 2008 V1 SP3. I migrated all my AD users from XIR2 to 2008 version recently. I also mapped the AD users correctly and most of my windows AD users are able to log into infoview except some users. I checked those users exist in CMC us...Read more

Can not schedule from InfoView

October 11 0

Hi, I have a newly installed BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 with SP2 installation and I have loaded my first Crystal report into a folder for testing. This is not the first installation of this type I have done and I followed a set of install inst...Read more

Log on to Infoview with SAP authentication

October 11 2

Hi Gurus , Please can some one provide me documentation , to configure , Infoview with SAP authentication . I have R/3 system where i have a datasource and then one Remote cube in BW . On the cube developed a BEx Query  . I want to log into Infoview...Read more

SSO not working when launching the InfoView application

October 11 3

We are so close to implementing SSO for BO Edge 3.0 using AD and Kerberos.  We can logon to InfoView and CMC using AD authenication and it works fine.  When turning on SSO:     <context-param>         <param-name>sso.enabled</param-name>...Read more

SSO to InfoView with IIS 7 problem

October 11 1

Hello, I couldn't find a answer to my problem in other threads. I read the dokumentation for this but one piece is missing since it is not funktion properly. Description of Problem or Question: I do get a Windows login promp when I configure Windows-...Read more

Navigate to a Website from Infoview

October 11 0

HI, Could someone tell me how can i, navigate to a such website from a Infoview Document. The only requisite that i have for this: the website must be open inside Infoview, aslike is showed in Crystal Reports Samples when business object site is open...Read more

Closing the browser in InfoView doesn't log the user off.

October 11 0

In Business Objects XI R2 Infoview, closing the browser in InfoView doesn't log the user off no matter how you answer the subsequent popup question "A window has closed. Log off as well?" Is there a fix for this somewhere?hi, In InfoView, with P...Read more

Printing Excel Instance from InfoView using Excel 2003

October 11 0

Hi I have problem with printing Excel instance within InfoView. We are using Active X as viewer - but when user schedules report in Excel and when it opens that instance - it opens in Web Excel viewer within InfoView. At that point there is no standa...Read more

Error on Running Full Client Reports on Infoview

October 11 1

Post Author: AmitP CA Forum: WebIntelligence Reporting I'm running WebI 6.x on a system with the following environment Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP 1Business Objects 6.5 SP2Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 Whenever I try to run a...Read more

Error Notification when Running Reports from InfoView

October 11 2

Post Author: jefegrande CA Forum: Administration Is there any way to have infoview notify a user/s if a scheduled report fails for any reason. I haven't been able to find anything on this matter. Thanks. Mark F.Post Author: amr_foci CA Forum: Adminis...Read more