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DIFFERENT type of mms problem (receivers can't view)

October 11 0

Hey all, I have a different mms problem after updating my 3GS to ios 4... Seems I can send mms and videos just fine, however the end receiver just sees a still image and hears the audio. I've done a lot of tests with this, and my wife's 3GS does the...Read more

IPhone 3G MMS Not Working After iOS4

October 11 0

After upgrading to iOS4 on 3G, lost the ability to send/rec MMS on Starhub network. Have made sure the option to enable MMS feature in Message Settings is turned on. No avail!! Anyone facing the same problem?? Did restore a couple of times and MMS is...Read more

5220 express music problem about my mms and gprs

October 11 0

i have olready open my mms and gprs but its not working it always say's that u have invalid web setting or no setting found wat should i do so i can receive and send mms and browse the internet tooo plz help meI do not fully understand how the iCloul...Read more

Cannot receive mms messages

November 30 0

Hi, I am able to send MMS messages to others, but I receive only this error picture when someone attempts to send one to me. I redownloaded the internet settings from AT&T using the setting under more>internet settings just moments before receiving...Read more

HT201272 If I already downloaded my songs then accidentally deleted them from my computer, how can I redownload them? Itunes store shows them as downloaded and unless I go through and try and repurchase each song individually, it wont let me redownload. h

October 11 0

How ccan I redownload my music to the same computer. Downloaded, then deleted, now i tunes won't let me redownload, because I already downloaded. If I go through and try and repurchase the songs it will download them for me but I don't want to have t...Read more

Messages vs Personal Email vs SMS and MMS Text Folders

October 11 0

Last week, I updated my software for my BlackBerry 8310 on the AT&T network.  I have been having problems with the receipt of emails since.  I seem to been receiving every email twice, once in my personal email folder on the main screen, as well as i...Read more

Can't send/ receive photos in mms...?

October 11 3

hi, i'm hoping this is just a setting i don't know about. when in the messaging screen the camera icon is not next to the messsage box. it was there a couple of weeks ago. i've been to the at&t store and the apple store. after messing with the phone...Read more

Can't send multiple photos in MMS

October 11 0

If I select a photo and choose to send via MMS then tap the camera icon next to the photo on the MMS screen (in order to choose an additional photo to send), the app sends me back to the Home screen. Also tried this on my 3GS running iOS4 and the sam...Read more

Can't send photos via MMS

October 11 0

I've had this problem before but after several tries managed to get it through, but won't work at all now. It's from a picture snapped on the built in camera. Thinking it might be too large I downloaded it to my Mac, opened in Photoshop and downsized...Read more

Can´t send Photos in MMS with upgrade to 3.0

October 11 1

I upgrade my 3g phone to 3.0 and I can´t send pictures or multiple mesagges via MMs?yes, it worked perfectly with the other OS but now that I uprade to OS 3.0 doesn´t send pictures. Regular MMS it does, but not if it is for multiple people.Read other...Read more

How do you redownload purchased songs from iTunes?

October 11 0

iTunes Match has completely bollocked up my iTunes linrary.  Many of the albums have double entries-one that is in iCloud to be downloaded (a little cloud with a downward pointing arrow) and a duplicate that is on my computer but not in iCloud (a lit...Read more