sftp server_input_channel Is Not Opened


Using secure FTP (SFTP) with XI 3.0.

October 11 1

Hi, I must bring a document with SFTP protocol. Is it possible use SFTP with XI 3.0. What must I do use SFTP with XI. Is it necessary to install some component to XI or it needs some 3hrd party components? ThanksHi Cemil, Right now, XI does not have...Read more

Java SFTP API/Sample application

October 11 0

I'm looking for either sample java code of how to send files via sftp or a java api to do this. Jscape looks to be the standard for doing this although it costs quite a bit, wondering if there is free code out there? Thanks for any help in advance!!!...Read more

Cannot login via ssh/sftp from certain clients

October 11 1

Hi Guys, Strange issue here. I have a machine running 10.7.4 that I want to be able to access via sftp/ssh. I can login into the machine in terminal using either ssh or sftp. I cannot however login to the machine from finder via sftp. I am just told...Read more

Trigger File Option in SFTP Advantco Sender Adapter

October 11 5

Hi , What is the purpose of Trigger file option in sender SFTP adapter?When i enabled Advance selection for source file we have this functionality.Can i use this option to delete the multiple files in the same directory instead of using File Name Mas...Read more

Sftp batch job with password?

October 11 0

Hi folks. We're trying to develop scripts to automate the transfer of files from various Windows machines to a Linux server.  Because the job involves moving multiple files to multiple directories, I wanted to use sftp's -B batchfile option to transf...Read more

How to open a non-default port for sftp?

October 11 1

My MacMini at work used to listen on port 12345 for sFTP for close to 9 months but then something (probably a power cut...) messed all things Remote up with the office setup. So I tried to reset things. It didn't work. What do you think I'm doing wro...Read more

Sftp is taking much time to execute

October 11 1

Hi, I am working on SFTP . SFTP is working but while executing, sftp is taking 8min to execute. Do i need to set properties regarding time ? Regards, Divya.Hi, Use smaller polling interval for high throughput scenarios where the message size is not v...Read more

File not found error in SFTP channel

October 11 2

Hi All, We are getting a "file not found error " while using a SFTP sender channel . Our Scenario : We are using SFTP as the source adapter .Presently we are using  two nodes for load balancing for all the sender channels. One of the node's of t...Read more

How to delete zip file in sftp server

October 11 1

Hi Gurus, I am having one .zip file with data files inside on the sftp server. Can you please how to delete the .zip files in the sftp server. I am able to delete normal files by using 'rm' on sftp. And one more request my sftp is prompting for the p...Read more

Can't establish a sftp connection with the finder

October 11 1

Hi, I'm trying to establish a sftp connection with the finder (using the "Connect to server" feature) between my (recently purchased) Mac Mini (mid 2011: i5, 2.3 GHz, 2 GB, running 10.7.3) and a Debian Testing box and I can't, I get the followin...Read more

Error while putting file in sftp location.

October 11 2

Hi All, One of my BPEL process is using flow activity which has 5 flow in parallel, each flow has sftp invoke and we are writing file (put) to SFTP server. sometime bpel process is failing with below error message. Is someone has any idea to remove t...Read more


October 11 0

Hi, My application is using ftp to connect to the server. but now it is going to change to sftp. For that I am not able to get what are the things in need to change in my ftp program to make it support for sftp. The following is the ftpbean class and...Read more

Dreamweaver can no longer connect to my sftp host

October 11 0

I have been using Dreamweaver to connect an upload files to a GoDaddy server using sftp. One day last month, this stopped working. I get the error "An FTP error occurred - cannot make connection to host. FileZilla connects to my host with the same co...Read more