SAPMF05A 0701


Clearing of vendor open items

October 11 1

hi all when i am trying to clear the vendor open items using tcode f.13 for a production run, the system gives 2 error messages for each vendor like scheme       screen  mtype mid  mno message SAPMF05A 0700     S        00    344 no batch input data...Read more


November 30 0

Hi experts can anybody send me the BDC Code for F-02. i am giving you the field names bellow. BKPF-BLDAT. BKPF-BLART. BKPF-BUKRS. BKPF-BUDAT. BKPF-MONAT. BKPF-WAERS. BSEG-WRBTR. BSEG-GSBER. BSEG-ZFBDT. RF05A-NEWBS. RF05A-NEWKO. BSEG-WRBTR. BSEG-GSBER...Read more

Error SAPMF05A 0700 E - while clearing document in F.13

October 11 3

Hi All, While running the automatic clearing through t.code F.13. Getting the following error. ScName       Scr. Mtyp Mid Mno  Message text SAPMF05A 0131 S      F5  074  4 items were selected SAPMF05A 0700 E      /DS 310  Please Enter Valid Trading P...Read more

Field BSEG-EBELN does not exist on screen SAPMF05A 0302

October 11 6

Hi, We are clearing vendor invoices with payments by creating Residual line item or posting into GL account. Suppose if the vendor invoices are 1234-1 , 1234-2 ,1234-3 and payment is 1234-4 then we want to create residual item with PO as 1234-4DM or...Read more

Field RF05A-NEWBK. does not exist in the screen SAPMF05A 0100

October 11 3

Hi, We are doing the intercompany account payable postings through SAP EDI.  The process following as below - Delivery -> Intercompany Billing -> Account Receivable                                               --> IDOC -> Account Payable Whil...Read more

Field BSEG-HKTID. does not exist in the screen SAPMF05A 0332

October 11 18

Dear ALL, Our client is ECC 6.0 we are facing a problem while posting the park document Field BSEG-HKTID. does not exist in the screen SAPMF05A 0332    Message no. 00349 Diagnosis    The specified field does not exist on the screen. Procedure    Chec...Read more

Program RFUMSV25 uses screen SAPMF05A 312 for tcode FB05

November 30 0

My client would like to use program RFUMSV25 for the transfer of deferred tax. During posting of entries, the program passes on the data using SAPMF05A 0312 screen when it calls tcode FB05. However, the G/L account we used calls SAPMF05A 0300. I have...Read more


November 30 0

Hi , Pls tell me the <b>standard form name which usually is used in SAPMF05A programme in the transaction FB70.</b>I am facing problem to generate the spool request in the programme SAPMF05A. Points will be rewarded. Regards Prabhudutta Messag...Read more

Updation of (SAPMF05A)BKPF- fieldname in BADI

November 30 0

Hi, I want to update following filed "SAPMF05A)BKPF-<fieldname>", please suggest how to update I have written the following code to do so but the <fs_bkpf> get the valur but field "SAPMF05A)BKPF-<fieldname>" does not...Read more

No batch input data for screen SAPMF05A 0614

November 30 0

Hello, We are encountering an error in automatic clearing (FB05) of inbound IDOC type PEXR2002 (Remitance Advice). The error message is "No batch input data for screen SAPMF05A 0614" and it relates to the fact that we are clearing multiple accou...Read more

No batch input data for screen sapmf05A 0700 during BD20

November 30 7

Hi, In BD20, when there are multiple idocs, after the first idoc is succesfully processd, the other idocs fail, as the first one has locked the screen and we get the message No batch input data for screen sapmf05A 0700. Then the other idocs end in er...Read more

LSMW "No batch input data for screen SAPMF05A 0302 "

November 30 0

Hi Experts , i have error when upload by program "RFBIBL00" when i user posting key 21 appear error "No batch input data for screen SAPMF05A 0302 " but when user posting key 25 it will save without error . is there any relation between...Read more