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BW Publishing using SAP message server

November 30 1

SAP authentication is configured using a message server on a logon group. The authentication works fine for the logon process; however, there is an issue publishing documents using BW publishing feature. During the publishing process the follow error...Read more

FAQ: SAP Messaging Certification

November 30 1

Welcome to SAP Messaging Certification Forum! This forum is actively monitored and moderated by SAP Integration and Certification Center (ICC). Frequently Asked Questions: ========================================== Q1: What are the interface certific...Read more

Sending sap-messages

November 30 1

hi, I would like to send sap-messages (popup) to sap-users (not in business workplace). I can do this with transaction SM02. Now I would send a message to specific sap-users -> not to all sap-users. How is it possible? Is it possible? thanks mikeHi,...Read more

JMS: can I access SAP messages from extenal Java

November 30 1

- Can I access SAP Messages from an external (non-SAP) java program? - Do I use JNDI or can I call using a jar file from my java invocation? - Do I have to define a queue (or does SAP JMS have queues) - What port do I use? ThanksHi John, > - Can I ac...Read more

Change Standard SAP Messages

November 30 1

Hi, how can I change the standard SAP messages in Web Dynpro Java? Thanks in advance. ElvezHi Maksim, thanks for your fast reply. With "Standard SAP message in WDJ" I refer to, for example, the messages you get when you enter "asdf" in...Read more

Sap Message Service Name change

November 30 1

hello guys, i need you help with something. I would like to change the sap Message Service Name from sapms<SID> to sapms<SID>_new. Is this possible? i am thinking to do this in RZ11 and change rdisp/msserv value... am i on the right path? Are...Read more

Automate update SAP message

November 30 1

Hi All, I am able to create OSS message from Solution manager by performing the action " Send Message to SAP". Stautus also changes to " Sent to SAP". But i have to go to the ticket and perform the action "Update SAP message"...Read more

SAP message Log

October 11 6

Does SAP maintain log of all the messages displayed on screen using MESSAGE statement? We are investigating a problem and want to see the messages displayed by SAP during the time when problem occured.We have custom development for picking and confir...Read more

SAP message before you log on - instead of using SM02

October 11 3

I know you can create a message via SM02 so that when a user logs on, they see the message. Hwoever we have locked out our users in order to complete year end. Rather than a warning message at the bottom of the screen which says they are locked out,...Read more

How to List All SAP Messages For my Company

October 11 2

Currently, I can only see those messages in my Inbox.   How can I see all messages submitted to SAP for ALL of my user's????If you are referring to messages posted on SDN then you will now and forever only see your own there is no link to a group. If...Read more

Standard SAP Message

November 30 1

Dear All, In standard Transaction COR2,when i release my process order at that time I got Message. So how can i change this message? And also i want to check that which type of message exist in SAP. Is there any T code frm where i got all msg list?De...Read more

SAP message wizard in business one customer portal

November 30 0

Hello, when ever i am trying to create a message to sap using Message wizard related to the problem, we got a message that no authority for this function.and i have super administrator authority.can anybody suggest where could be the problem. Thanks...Read more

Update SAP Message in Solman

November 30 1

Hi, I want to update the message in t.code CRM_DNO_MONITOR, so that I can read the reply from SAP. For that I am running the report RNOTIFUPDATE01 and provide details like installation no, Customer No. But when I execute this report I got the error t...Read more

Changing Standard SAP messages

November 30 1

Hi all, is there any way to change the SAP Standard messages like user authentication failed, account locked etc....... Regards, SithiHi Sithi, You can search the texts within *.properties files and modify them there (restart the portal afterwards)....Read more

SAP Message Server has wrong Servername

November 30 1

Hello all, after adding a new SAP System to the Solotion Manager in the TR SMSY I defined the right Message Server. After connecting to the first Client at the ABAP Stack and reading System parameter via RFC the Message Server was set to one of the I...Read more

Where can I see SAP Message numbers for Errors.

November 30 1

Dear all, Where can I Message No's in SAP. for Some error messages, when I click F1 help, system is showing nothing but one message numbers. Could you tell me whre can I see all these messages. Your advice will be highly rewarded. Thank you, Raghu ra...Read more

Triggering the email communication from SAP Messages

November 30 1

Hi All, I am trying to trigger the email communication when a perticular message pops-up on the screen. I have linked workflow to message class & message # through SWUY wizard transaction. Now when message pops-up i need to go to the message details...Read more

Sap message

November 30 1

hi, may i know if there is a way to change error to warning for sap standard message. thxHi Dear, There is no way to change sap standared message. Can you tell us why do you want this type of activity. May be we can guide you if possible. Regards, An...Read more

SAP Message capture

November 30 0

Hi All, I would like to understand if we can capture the message that is displayed on the status Bar(bottom left) of the SAP Screen(ep: PR 12345 successfully created or anything like that). Will that reside at any specific location or populate in any...Read more