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Send Custmer Data debmas  & adrmas

November 30 0

Hi gurus, we are sending Customer info from SAP to Third Party using DEBMAS06. But the Adress details is not presented in DEBMAS IDoc. So we are need also ADRMAS. What is the best solution ADRMAS+DEBMAS binding (correlation) in BPM or IDoc extension...Read more


November 30 2

Hi guys, with the new SEPA Direct debit functionality, we are thinking of onboarding the bank details and the SEPA mandate for Customer Domain from SAP MDM. So that means the SEPA related details need to flow from SAP MDM 7.1 (SP08) to PI to ECC. The...Read more

BPM Concern: Total message processing time too large

October 11 0

Hello Experts, I have implemented a BPM scenario with a fork step. MDM is the sender system and ECC is the final reciever system. Branch 1 of Fork step: Processes Message type 1(DEBMAS); includes transformation step(ABAP mapping) and Send step (RFc c...Read more

** Exception Throw in Fork Step - How to inform ?

October 11 1

Hi Friends, Customer sends 2 IDoc DEBMAS, ADRMAS. The conditions is when both the IDocs is having the same customer no we need to send to the outside system.  (DEBMAS - E1KNA1M - KUNNR) equals to (ADRMAS - E1ADRMAS - OBJ_ID). I have designed BPM for...Read more


November 30 0

Hi , I am trying to do the ADRMAS+DEBMAS split .I doing it for the first time. Do i need to configure any thing in ECC apart from partner profile. Is there any documentation on how to do the split from DEBMDM in XI and what to configure in ECC. Pleas...Read more

Impact of processing DEBMAS before ADRMAS

November 30 0

The SAP note 1052964  -u2018MDM: Distribution of Business Partners, Customers, Vendorsu2019  states that u201CThis means that you have to send always (at least) two IDocs to your R/3 (ERP) system. One IDoc contains the address data (ADRMAS), a second...Read more

What's the purpose of message type ADRMAS

November 30 0

Hello, I want to distribute customer master data using message type DEBMAS. I read something about message type ADRMAS. Why should I also use type ADRMAS because DEBMAS already contains address data? Regards, JanHi, you may look to notes [384462|http...Read more

Sender / Receiver on DEBMAS customer IDOCs mapped from XI

November 30 0

Hello XI experts, I'm hoping you can help me resolve a question. In our system, customers are maintained in an AFS ERP system. They are then distributed to MDM, via XI, using DEBMDM messages. We have a second (Retail) ERP system that also needs the c...Read more

DEBMAS - 'Application document not posted'

November 30 0

HI, We are passing DEBMAS and ADRMAS from MDM to R/3 via XI. ADRMAS gets posted successfully. However in case of DEBMAS we get Error 51 'Application document not posted'. While debugging we found that the messages are not passed to T_BDCMSGCOLL (incl...Read more

DEBMAS - Serialization

November 30 3

Hi,     We are using serialize IDOC debmas and ADRMAS. But now if i post a debmas idoc alone in WE19 it is failing, is this because of the serialization? Basically my quiestion is if we serialize two or more message types, then we can never post the...Read more

ADRMAS is sent to two partner systems

November 30 0

Hello, We created a custom made message type for DEBMAS: Z_DEBMAS. When we send a customer using transaction BD12 an ADRMAS message should be send to one partner system but it also sends an ADRMAS message to a total different system (where we send ot...Read more

Fields in debmas, matmas, cremas

October 11 1

Hi How to the fields in debmas, matmas, cremas Thanks DushanthHi, If you want to see the segment fields, please go to transaction WE30. For message type DEBMAS, use IDoc type DEBMAS05/06. For message type MATMAS, use IDoc type MATMAS04/05. For messag...Read more

Vendor Master record change using CREMAS & ADRMAS

October 11 3

Hi , I have one problem with CREMAS & ADRMAS idocs, i am using one custom program(it is using IDOC) to change/ create the vendor master record ,While i try to change some filed of one particular vendor using the idoc,it delete all other fileds relate...Read more

Vendor number for ADRMAS and CREMAS

October 11 0

Dear all i am creating vendors in SAP using ADRMAS and CREMAS and sending both of them in a serialized manner. For ADRMAS to be linked with CREMAS, we need to provide same vendor number. i can get the next vendor number using the BAPI_VENDOR_GETINTNU...Read more

How to serialize the IDoc of DEBMAS by time sequence?

October 11 0

Hi experts, We want to transfer customer master data from one client to the other. We have carried out the serialization distribution for message type DEBMAS and actived the change point. Scenario: time 1 : We created one "NEW" customer 100436....Read more

Problem with updating email fields thru  ADRMAS idoc

October 11 2

Hi I have a ABAP program which calls the function module to create a vendor -ERP_IDOC_INPUT_CREDITOR'. During the creation of the vendor i can update the adress and telephone numbers but i cant input the email address . To solve this i am calling the...Read more