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Qosmio F60-10K - Exact drivers or recovery disk

November 30 0

Hello, I have recently purchased this model, however got some problems with HDD and had to fully format it. So Recovery function is lost. Couldnt find exact drivers for this model and as I used drivers I have found under name Qosmio F60, made laptop...Read more

Qosmio F60 - Can I use my other Windows 7 disk to install?

November 30 0

I'm buying a Toshiba Qosmio F60 within the next few days and I saw that it comes with a 64bit restore partition but preinstalled with 32bit. I was wondering if I can use one of my other Windows 7 home premium 64bit oem disc's to install windows 7 and...Read more

Start boot problem on Qosmio F60-124

November 30 0

Hi, so I have a Toshiba Qosmio F60-124. Yesterday, I was working on my projects (sony vegas & adobe etc) and it was very slow. I thought strange cuz that pc is very fast. I opened my sony vegas window and it wasnt anwser, so I tried to close it but i...Read more

Qosmio F60-10J - Standby mode function

November 30 0

Hello all, most computers can be set to standby mode and switch back to wortking state after some time automatically. There is a feature in the windows operating system which manages it and it is for example used by the task manager. When you create...Read more

Qosmio F60-130 - can't find any drivers for it

November 30 0

Hi all I have an issue with my Laptop Toshiba Qosmio F60-130 about the DVD driver because my laptop cant read the DVDs. So I suggest to go and download the driver and re-install it but I didnt find it. Even the F60-130 cant find it between the models...Read more

Qosmio F60-10L Bios is not working

November 30 0

Hey there, I just bought a Toshiba Qosmio F60-10L. Now the Bios is not working anymore. Everytime I want to enter Bios menu with "F2" the computer is restarting instantly. Last week the mainboard has been changed. But now, after I set a Supervis...Read more

Cannot enter BIOS settings on Qosmio F60 - 147

November 30 0

*Hi* *Please could you help.* Toshiba Qosmio F60-147 have a laptop brand. Yesterday I wanted to set a password on the BIOS and the "Set Supervisor Password"field to save the password I wrote and registered I went with the F10. But then I want to...Read more

Qosmio F60-111 was delivered without any recovery disks

November 30 0

Dear Support Team, Yesterday 31/07/2010 , i went to Toshiba distributer in KSA and i bought Qosmio F60-111, From Jarir Book Store. When i arrived home, i found that the package don't have the Recovery disks, or the Operating system. So please i want...Read more

Qosmio F60-00Y- Intel RST, TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor crash

November 30 0

Hi, Just started having problems today with my Qosmio F60-00Y, purchased June 2010. I do have extended warranty but just wanted a quick fix since system is still operational. As I have lost my factory settings recovery I can not reset my system. It i...Read more

Qosmio G10 and recovery disk - BSOD

November 30 0

Hi I have had my G10 for a few years now and its getting very slow so i thought i would re-install XP to get rid of all the rubbish. So I put the product recovery disk in and formatted drive c and it did its stuff and seemed to re-install ok When I r...Read more

Qosmio F60 - Error when burning Blu-ray disk

November 30 0

I have Qosmio F60 Recently I tried to burn my data on 25 gb BD-R disk. Aftre burning about 6 Gb of data it stopped burning with unexplained error. I tried another disk with same problem. This time the message suggested to update firmware. This is MA*...Read more

Toshiba recovery disks do not work

October 11 1

I purchased the recovery disks for the NB255-N250 from Toshiba after my hdd was replaced under warranty by a retailer. The first disk errors out after 5 minutes with the error "0a 0244 0000". Speaking with tech support today they offered me the...Read more

Recovery Disks sent by Toshiba do not work.

November 30 0

So about two months ago my hard drive started failing, and my Winsdows 7 partition stopped working. So I ordered Toshiba Recovery Discs using my serial and part number given on the bottom of my computer. When I follow the instructions that came with...Read more

Problems with the Toshiba Recovery Disk Generator program

November 30 0

Hi, I have a Satellite Pro U400 laptop running XP SP3 - iyes t's old, but still running with newly added memory and a new battery. I wanted to make a fresh set of recovery disks so I fired up the Toshiba app. It created the first disk fine. Then it p...Read more

Wrong Machine message with genuine Toshiba recovery disk

November 30 0

I have a Sat  Pro L300 EZ1004X and ordered a recovery disk from Toshiba after giving them the model number and serial number. When I boot from the disk I get a "Wrong Machine" message with an exit button that just powers off the machine, there i...Read more