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Publish: Scalable, HTML5, SWF Not working on Android 4.1.1

October 11 2

In Captivate 6, I publish with SWF, HTML5, and Scalable HTML content. It will not run on the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Android 4.1.1). What do I need to change.Hi Michael, Thank you for contacting Adobe Support. we would like to inform you that output optio...Read more

Converting Flash/SWF to HTML5

November 30 0

I. Following Ned's advice I'm posting this message on Dreamweaver's forum (after posting it in the Flash/Actionscript 3 forum). I'm not a programmer, so this question might sound a bit noobish. I have this flash project with an advanced button - here...Read more

HTML5 course only working on some iPads

November 30 0

Hi, Has anyone come across this scenario? I have a Captivate 7 course that is published to SWF & HTML5 and loaded into a Moodle LMS. The SWF works as expected and I can access the HTML5 version using my iPad 2 - however the HTML5 version is not loadi...Read more

Button Help with Captivate 6

October 11 0

When I am installing a button in captivate 6, I am trying to have that button be linked to a pdf form of another captivate presentation. I click the Open URL option for the action of the button and I click the project that I want to open, but instead...Read more

Web Object Widget non-functional?

November 30 0

Hello again! So I'm trying to use the web object widget to pull up a surveygizmo survey (which provides handy web links, HTML embeds, java embeds etc.), but it's not loading up. It works only when in previews within Captivate. Once published, it does...Read more

Cp6 project not working on tablets

November 30 0

Hello.  I have a Cp6 project that I published as swf and html5 (combo) which runs perfectly on a PC with Windows 7 using either IE9 or Google Chrome. This project is also SCORM 1.2 enabled and works fine on the LMS - either SCORM Cloud or the client'...Read more

Images Still Visible in Background of Next Slide

November 30 0

I am using Captivate 6.  I'm exporting SWF/HTML5.  I have an image on one slide which is set in the properties to display for "rest of slide", NOT "rest of project".  However, when the project forwards to the next slide, the images fro...Read more

Best Adobe Captivate Screen Size for all Devices?

November 30 0

Which would you say is the best screen size to use to cater for all device types (pc, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.)? Thanks.Hi there, You can select any moderate screen size and publish the course and on the publish dialog box, check "Scalable HTML c...Read more

Captivate 6 - Error when publishing to Adobe PDF

November 30 0

Adobe Captivate CS6 Windows 7 (Pro) Adobe Acrobat 9 (Pro) Previously, with Captivate 5.5, I was able to Publish > SWF/HTML5 > Export PDF and use the PDF file to use for a review. However, with Captivate 6 I get an error when I attempt to publish my...Read more

Cap 7 Output Formats

November 30 0

Hello - I realise the info is probably staring me in the face, but I can't see it on the C7 product page. What video output formats does C7 produce? Does it produce AVI? We might upgrade at our school if it does. ThanksHi Missteach, I am Sorry but Ad...Read more

Integrate Flash into Dreamweaver

November 30 0

Hi I have heard that when we integrate swf into a page, it could not be seen correctly by all platforms such as Ipads? I also heard that to solve this problem out, we had to use "swiffy" Is it still true?You're correct to an extent but the funda...Read more

Bizarre Closed Caption

November 30 0

Im using Captivate 7 and published in both SWF/HTML5 and EXE. Both gave the first line of subtitles in larger size than 2nd and 3rd. Font size are 12. This just happens on other computer, my computer are perfect and some other. Quite annoying since t...Read more

Can I open hyperlink in exe. format?

November 30 0

Dear Sir, I am using AC6 and find that I cannot open hyperlink in exe. format, I can see the "hand over" icon when I roll to the link. I have tried it when preview( press F10) and it worked very well. I am not sure whether there is something wro...Read more

Uploading SCO to Connect, .zip file not recognized?

November 30 0

I am working in Articulate Storyline 2, packaging as a swf/html5 compliant SCO using SCORM 2004 v.4. When I test the file at SCORM Cloud, the manifest is good and the project launches without issue. When I take the same file and attempt to load it to...Read more