misuse of microphone


How someone can "misuse" the Ipad2 microphone?

November 30 0

Defect IPad2 microphones anyone? My 11 months old Ipad2 microphone stopped working and Apple does not want to repair it in on warranty saying it was "misused or improperly handed" !! How somebody can "misuse" the microphone? Speaking t...Read more

Can I use a bluetooth headset as a microphone in iTunes?

October 11 0

Don't know if this is te right forum but its about iTunes! I am very new to all this "wireless" tech being of the old school where everything had a wire attached but thanks to Alexander Traud I now have a phone, headset and two computers all con...Read more

Install External Microphone in MacBook Pro

October 11 4

   Hello, When i link External microphone to MacBook pro i can't record sound in any application !! currently i am using Adobe Audition CS6, Image bellow i can't see external microphone in Audio MIDI Setup !! Adobe Audition CS6 Sound input setup !!!...Read more

IPhone 5s bipolar microphone

October 11 0

The microphone on my iPhone 5s is being bipolar, people will hear me on the phone but as soon as it goes to loudspeaker it doesn't work. Siri will not pick up my voice, the video function will not pick up any audio. FaceTime has no audio for me, peop...Read more

Satellite U400 - Internal microphone is too quiet

October 11 0

I am running on Windows7 x64. I have downloaded latest sound drivers ( and now is internal microphone very quiet although its volume is on max. I had Vista x64 before and everything was ok. I have tried Vista drivers on Windows 7, but nothi...Read more

How do I use an external microphone with iPhone Facetime?

October 11 2

Model of iphone doesn't matter to me.  I have an Iphone 4S or Iphone 5 to use.  I am specifically trying to use a wireless microphone set with Facetime so I can get better audio quality at a distance.  Of course, I have a mount for my phone so it's p...Read more