lenovo tab s8 screen dim problem


Screening Dimming Problem

November 30 0

Hi everyone, I find the "automatic dim display before sleep" to be very annoying. So naturally, I go into Energy Saver, and disable it. Ok, all is well, until I connect an external monitor/TV. Then even with or without the monitor connected AND...Read more

Lenovo Tab S8 50 Screen Dimming Problem

November 30 0

Hello,  I have noticed that the screen is adjusting brightness depending what is on screen, bright or dark image. This is much more noticable in the lower brightness setting. I think that this is somekind of power saving feature of the Intel CPU/GPU....Read more

Mavericks screen dim problem

November 30 0

Every time my macbook starts dimming the screen, to then turn it off after a couple of seconds, if I move the mouse in that time interval (dim screen before it's off), then I get a black screen and I have to restart to make it work again. I have had...Read more

Bedside Mode screen dim problem

November 30 0

I have set my phone on Bedside Mode for my alarm. The  screen goes dim and the red numbers remain on screen. However, after 30 seconds or more, the screen goes completely black. I has assummed that the screen would remain on, in that dimmed state all...Read more

IMac screen dimming problem

November 30 0

Can someone please tell how to fix this? I believe it may be a hardware issue, but when I reload the iMac, it goes away. When I put my HDD image back, the problem starts up again. Note: this is networked iMac (it is bound to a AD domain). This only h...Read more

A magazine's app on my iPad has stopped working.  When I open the Newsstand folder and click on the app, the screen dims briefly, then returns to the Newsstand folder. The other app in my Newsstand folder (Wall Street Journal) opens without any problem.

October 11 2

A magazine's app on my iPad has stopped working.  When I open the Newsstand folder and click on the app, the screen dims briefly, then returns to the Newsstand folder. The other app in my Newsstand folder (Wall Street Journal) opens without any probl...Read more

Screen Dimming Setting Problems. . .

October 11 1

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this: In system preferences energy saver/options I have checked "automatically reduce brightness of display before sleep." The problem is that if I don't check that - -which I would prefer not - - my scre...Read more

Lenovo G480 LCD screen dark spot problem

November 30 0

HI, my Lenovo G480 LCD screen have dark spot problem can I send it to sevice centre to warranty?Hi willson, Welcome and Thanks for posting in the Lenovo Community, Am sorry to hear about the issue that you're facing, Kindly check the below contact nu...Read more

Tabbed selection screen problem.

November 30 0

Hi expert, I need some help in creating my selection screen. Right now i'm creating a tabbed selection screen as the code below follows. PARAMETERS: p_test AS CHECKBOX USER-COMMAND testrun DEFAULT 'X'. SELECTION-SCREEN BEGIN OF SCREEN 100 AS SUBSCREE...Read more

Screen display problem with Lenovo 3000 N100

November 30 0

Hi, My Lenovo laptop is having a problem with screen display. When i boot the laptop (keeping the screen at 90 degrees to the key board) , there is no display . However, when i tilt it down (lesser than 45 degrees) the display comes back to normal. I...Read more

"Tab" in terminal dims the display

October 11 0

Hi, When I press "tab" in the terminal (e.g. when I want an autocomplete), my screen dims for the moment. It is extremely annoying and I cannot find anyone with a similar problem. Any help? Best wishes, CIt sounds vaguely like you're getting a v...Read more

Screen dims and multi-language "restart" message appears

October 11 0

Currently, every time Safari is used, the entire screen dims and a multi-language (German, Chinese, etc.) message comes on the screen saying that I must physically power down my machine and restart. No error message is given, nor are any other option...Read more

HELP! Screen & Keyboard Problem!!

November 30 0

Can anyone please help me out? This have been driving me crazy for a month. I just got a new 15" Powerbook G4, and after about 15-30 seconds if I do not touch a key or the mouse (whether it is plugged in or not) the screen dims and the keyboard light...Read more

My Lenovo Tab S8-50 will not turn on?

November 30 0

Hi,  i bought myself a new Lenovo Tab s8-50 2 days ago and as i went to put it on charge today it was on a 50% battery life so plenty of juice left but i'm going out tonight and so i wanted it filled up. After coming back after a few hours the tablet...Read more

How to Root a Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 2015 version

October 11 0

I am not responsible for any damage that may affect your Device! Rooting is the first step to customise your device. Without rooting absolutely 'extraordinary' nothing is possible. Yes your warranty becomes void after that. So chill. No matter where...Read more

Screen brightness problem iphone 5 ios 6.1.4

October 11 0

The screen will quasi-randomly go to low brightness and be barely readable - auto-dim or not.  I can't usually tell what triggered it - it's just not obvious. However, I found a repeatable pattern (finally) when using it in a car.  If I plug in the u...Read more