lenovo a8500 quiries


Can I return my Lenovo S 205 ?

October 11 1

Hi guys, I have had a multitude a problems since owning my Lenovo S 205 some 8 months ago. I got the laptop via Laptops Direct, an online laptop store. The first problem I experienced was when the laptop kept on shutting down on its own quite a few t...Read more

Installation problem on Lenovo System Update 5.01

October 11 15

I have a problem with installing the system update. right when the bar reachs installing SUS service, the installation fails. It says that the installation wizard failed because it was interrupted. I have not interrupted anything. HELP ME!!          ...Read more

Lenovo AIO C440 - not working infrared remote control

October 11 6

Hello, is there any hint how to get infrared remote control working for a new C440 model? Tomorrow I will try to measure and/or replace batteries which could be bad. For now it is totally not working. Another question: the remote should work only wit...Read more

Memory problem on a Lenovo 3000 0769-BAG

October 11 1

Hi ! I own this nice machine, and put into it a Linux 64 bits OS. (Fedora 7). Everything is working fine, but I needed more memory to be able to scan/process large images. So I went to Lenovo web site and saw I needed PC2-5300 Sodimm memory. For a ma...Read more

Sluggish Performanc​e & Audio Problems in Lenovo T520

October 11 3

I have experienced strange problems with my Lenovo T520 (specifications: i7, 6GB RAM, I can post detailed configuration). The problems are: The audio quality is noisy. What I find strange is the audio quality for the same song worsens when play in VL...Read more

[REQUEST] rtl8723au_bt bluetooth driver for lenovo yoga 13

October 11 5

Hello. I have a lenovo yoga 13 laptop with 8723 wireless card. Wifi is working bacause of dkms-8723au-git package. As I know, in 3.15 kernel it will work out of the box and lwfinger will no longer maintain this source code. Bluetooth is not working a...Read more

Suggestion for a new lenovo laptop

October 11 0

sir ,      I live in Patna , Bihar . I want to buy a new lenovo laptop ranging under 35000 rupees. my requirments are as followes 500 GB  hard disk 4 GB RAM i3 4th generation processor DOS / windows but preferably DOS screen size 15.6'' strong and co...Read more

Lenovo SL510 suspend (S3 sleep) is not working

October 11 2

Hi all, I bought a new Lenovo SL510 with T5870 2GHz CPU, 250GB HDD, no OS, (part No. NSLQ7MC). Installation of Ubuntu Karmic 32bit was without any problems, but I didn't get the suspend working. Hibernation works fine. When I click sleep button (or e...Read more

Error In Installing Windows XP in Lenovo G560

October 11 5

Hi, I am using lenovo G560 with Windows 7. Now i don't want to use it any more. so i decide to install Windows XP like normally in Desktops as i had used desktops only. Boot from CD and windows Set started with loading files....in middle it stops by...Read more

I am about to throw my Lenovo G550 into moving traffic

October 11 0

I have seriously at the end of my FREAKING ropes with my Lenovo G550 (2598) laptop.  I swear on my life I am about to go and purchase a new computer and best believe it will NEVER be a lenovo.  I am at the end of my ropes with this piece of crap lapt...Read more