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HTML img tag and src attribute as a byte[]

November 30 0

Hi everybody I have a question is it possible to send a byte[] to the src attribute in a <img> HTML tag. What i would like to gain is a way of reading an img file from the jar in a custom tag which is no problem. Problems start when i want to send a...Read more

Collector gows down and audit data aren't in OAV Console

November 30 0

Hi, I have OAV, DBAUD collector, collection agent is on windows. When I run this collector, it starts but after a while it is stopped again. I can retrieve politics, create politics and provision them. Audit data are stored in AUD$ but I can...Read more

Air 1.5 webkit : supports image data uri?

November 30 0

The release notes don't include much about the new version of Webkit in Air 1.5. Does anyone know if the new version of webkit includes support for the image src data uri scheme?You can request features (and report bugs) at http://www.adobe.com/go/wi...Read more

Data Access Library for Oracle like Microsoft Ent Library

November 30 0

Hi there Is there a plan to create a data access library over the odp.net providers like the Microsoft Enterprise Library. For people who have been using Microsoft Enterprise Library for sometime. The coding examples pasted here on the Oracle website...Read more

Variable not seeing data on another page

November 30 0

I am trying to read the length of an array on my Application page from a component. In the component I have this code: <mx:ApplicationControlBar xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" width="100%" creationComplete="getDPpro...Read more

Access Denied - Failed to Open Document

October 11 3

I've done a few hours of searching for a solution to my problem with no specific answer helping me. I recently upgraded 63 various reports from Crystal Reports version 8.5 to Crystal Reports 2011 (using a Windows 7 box). I realigned all of the report...Read more

[SOLVED] Problem building php 5.3 with openssl

October 11 0

Hi, I stuck with this issue and don't really know what's wrong and what to do: $ pacman -Qs openssl local/lib32-openssl 1.0.1.i-1 The Open Source toolkit for Secure Sockets Layer and Transport Layer Security (32-bit) local/openssl 1.0.1.i-1 The Open...Read more

Error while downloading libtorrent using yaourt

October 11 0

here is the entire message : use following PKGBUILD instead, it compiles OK: # Contributor: Swen Simon <swsimon at gmail dot com> pkgname=libtorrent-svn _pkgname=libtorrent pkgver=1060 pkgrel=1 pkgdesc="BitTorrent library written in C++" a...Read more

ERROR while loading time dimension table

October 11 0

i need to load time dimension from csv to oracle table, while loading i got the error. my source data type is date and target is date. ODI-1226: Step sample day fails after 1 attempt(s). ODI-1240: Flow sample day fails while performing a Loading oper...Read more

Unable to center align text in menu tabs

October 11 0

following is the code for the index page of my website faithinpeace.org/exppu...im trying to center align the menu text but something or another keeps happening . text not getting center aligned..please if anyone can help me with that <!DOCTYPE html>...Read more

Error in execution (but it compiles)

October 11 0

This is a follow up from a previous question, but I started a new thread because its a new problem. We are given a file with 99999 lines. Each line of the file represents a single node and it contains four integer: key, value, left child key, right c...Read more

Installing oracle 11g R2 on windows 7 32bit OS

October 11 0

I am able to complete installation of oracle 11g r2 on my computer. However, "OracleDBconsole" is unable to start. On searches made thus far, I am supposed to drop  *Database Control Configuration files and recreate it using * emca –config dbcon...Read more

Change content-disposition in email attachment

October 11 8

I am using apex_mail (in Apex 4.1) to send emails with an attachment. v_mail_id := apex_mail.send(          p_to  => '[email protected]'          ...etc... apex_mail.add_attachment( p_mail_id    => v_mail_id                          ,p_attachment =&...Read more

XSD/DTD Reference in XML ISSUE

October 11 0

Hi, What I am trying to do. Lets say that I have an XML file on a machine locally, and I want to parse that XML file and validate it against a XSD that is determined dynamically or at runtime. What I am saying is that I have an XML file that may or m...Read more