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External Alphanumeric Number Range for Internal Orders

November 30 4

Hello, I am trying to create external number range for Internal Order Type. I want to create internal orders which will have internal order number as alphanumeric and some will be in only numbers. How should be the range look like, so that I have fle...Read more

Gr/IR clearing for a PO with Internal Order assigment

October 11 1

Hi, We settle Internal order (IO)  to fixed assets.  The settlement rule is to settle the COst Element to External account .Settlement receiver is Fixed asset account. The Asset procured using  Service PO and we assign the Internal Order  and account...Read more

Settlement of a project to internal order?

October 11 1

Hi Experts In a customer project  we have RA and settlement as a period end process but as COPA is not configured, So can we settle it to internal order? or is it advisable to settle to internal order? thanks.. Edited by: SAP PS on May 25, 2011 7:48...Read more

Internal Order Number Generation.

November 30 0

Dear Gurus, The internal numbers generated in Ko01 are in the number range 71000 to 71999 for the order types ZAMC Z01 etc, but when i am generating the internal numbers, the numbers are being generated as 71001, 71002, 71010, 71020 etc, ie the numbe...Read more

Internal order number

November 30 0

Hi, Please let me know how to get the internal order of a material? Thanks in advance.Check the transaction for 'Define attributes for Material Type'. Here one can specify whether the materials for this type would have internal numbering or extertal...Read more

Internal Order error in settlement profile

November 30 0

Dear Experts I have created statistical internal orders for vehicles e.g u201CABC 1234u201D.It works fine but when I try to enter this order in settlement profile it says this order doesnu2019t exist. The system only reads the order number before the...Read more

CATS billing thru PS | internal Order, WBS, Activity Type

November 30 0

Hi, I am a HCM consultant, therefore I have zero knowledge in PS/SD. Currently I am working on a task, where I need to create the bill on the CATS data (Time Sheet Data: HCM). I want to know how the CATS data is transferred to WBS, and how the billin...Read more

PP Internal and External  Operation

November 30 0

Hi,        I am marked one of my operation( say 40 th operation) in routing as 'Internal and External operation'. This operation is done both internally as well as externally.How I instruct system 60 Pc is processed externally and 40 Pc is processed...Read more

EAN No. Range Assignment internally and externally

November 30 0

Dear all, Can we use the EAN Number Range object for both internally and externally. anyoneHi I have been use the range assigment externally, and now I start using alphanumeric EANs as an attribute  but when I try to initiate the number like this (01...Read more

Internal and external no ranges

November 30 0

hy sap gurus what is the meaning of ilnternal and external no ranges, where we create internal and ordernal no ranges, can u give clear clarification thanqu raja sekhaqr.ahI Internal Number Ranges: Doc. No will be provided by the system automatically...Read more

Internal and external

November 30 0

hello sap Gurus, Iam new to sap, can any bady tell me the what is the difference between internal and external number ranges. Regards vijayhi vijay, Internal: Doc number will be providing by the system automatically in serial order allotting the next...Read more

New internal order type--need help

November 30 0

Dear all: i have a case need help. now i want to create a new internal order type ,and assign a new number range and a default settlement rule to it . the settlement rule is that the actual costs of this  internal order type need to be sent to a cost...Read more