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Infopath 2007 not printing footer in browser print view

October 11 0

I have added a footer to the print view of a browser enabled form and it is not printing when printing the form. The footer is relatively sinmple, however when I click on print view on the browser form and use print preview, I cannot see the footer a...Read more

Please use a flash capable browser to view this video

November 30 0

I can not view the videos on muscleandstrength.com. I was able to view them yesterday and am able to view them on my desktop (win 7 32bit) but not my laptop (win 7 64bit). I updated flash player, which did nothing. Restarted firefox in safe mode. Sti...Read more

N800 Internet Tablet and Adobe Flash 9 Browser Plu...

November 30 0

The n800 is supposed to have Adobe Flash 9 browser plug-in, but that does not show up on the list of appliations that the device shows are installed. Also, if you go to the Adobe site, it says that the Opera browser does not support Adobe Flash 9. So...Read more

Dynamic Tab Shell Template - Ctrl+P (Browser Print)

November 30 0

We have are using dynamic tab shell template and rendering all our pages. The problem now is, that when the user tries to print the page using the regular browser print button or Ctrl + P, only the background (blue color content area see: http://www....Read more

Browser printing setting in Java

November 30 0

Hello! I want to have following browser printing setting using java. (1)     Page Size (2)     Page Margins (3)     Page Orientation (4)     Default Printer How can I get those? Regards, ChetanBut is it possible to get those info via JavaScript?Proba...Read more

Browser printing  - via button

November 30 0

Hi I believe there is a way to print the whole page using browser printing command (equivalent to ctrl p)... can you please advice how to accomplish it... ThanksHi Qwe12654, Try this as button URL Target. javascript:window.print()Cheers LigonRead oth...Read more

Flash Full Browser Window & Scaling Question

October 11 0

Hi all, I am trying to develop a site that will be able to have the entire browser screen a flash movie. Also, how do I scale it so that the image in the middle stays the same size but the background scales depending on how far you drag the browser w...Read more

Flash Using Browser as Proxy for Requests

October 11 0

I've been looking without success for documentation that defines the behavior of Flash (and ActiveScript) when submitting an HTTP request. I've read so far (on sites other than Adobe's) that Flash will proxy it's requests through the browser thus pic...Read more

Flash causing browser crash

October 11 0

I recently upgraded to Flash 8 and now anytime I open a flash enabled page in any browser the browser crashes. This happens with Safari, IE, Firefox, and Opera. Has anyone else had this problem? How can I uninstall Flash and perhaps go back to an ear...Read more

No Adobe air app will run Only Flash Web browser....

October 11 1

So I have re-installed Flash Builder So when I try and run a Adobe air app from the Flash Builder It brings up a prompt everytime saying - If the program is already running, close it before attempting to run. When I kill the Adobe Air debugger in the...Read more

How to expand the view of my flash in browser?

November 30 0

Hi, can anyone tell me how to do this? I embeded a flash with size 100px X 100 px into a html. The background image in the flash is bigger than 100 px. How can I display whole of the background image in the browser without expand the size in flash? P...Read more

How to know  when it pushed browser print button

November 30 0

Hi anyone knows how to get the print browser button event ? I mean I have a jsp and I want to know when then IE 5 print button is pushed. How to get the event?It's possible there's something in JavaScript you can do to catch the event, but I've never...Read more

Web Browser Printing

November 30 0

Hi, I am trying to print a report viewable in a web browser and wanted to know if there is a way to get rid of the header and footer crud that the browser seems to add?? For example, URL and date at the bottom of the page and HTML title and 'page 1 o...Read more

Flash and Browser scroll

November 30 0

Hi, I want a background MC, height [20], width [screen-width], yposition bottom of the Browser window. When the visitor scrolls up or down the Browser, this background clip should always stay on its fixed yposition, at the bottom of the Browser. So o...Read more