firmware 40ul605u


Firmware version 1.03 for 40UL605U units.

October 11 0

Can someone direct me to a list of issues that this firmware addresses or post here a list of fixes for this firmware? I'm asking specifically for the 1.03 firmware for the 40UL605U units but if whomever is going to reply has a comprehensive list of...Read more

40UL605U LED TV: Netflix Won't Launch

November 30 1

I have a Toshiba 40UL605U LED TV. I have the most recent firmware update and a wired internet connection, but for some reason the Netflix app has stopped working. When I select Netflix from the "Widgets" menu, the red Netflix screen appears brie...Read more

3 Problems with the 40UL605U

November 30 0

Problem number 1) The TV has the SAME exact problem as the Toshiba 40G300U with the Handshake with Netflix and the Xbox 360 with HDCP . Jim, I was reading your posts and was wondering if you could forward this one along to the tech guys as I called a...Read more

Macbook4,1 10.6.8 and firmware update - what went wrong?

October 11 0

Macbook 4,1 2008 2.4Ghz (not unibody). I recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled 10.6 from the Retail DVD and all seemed to go well. The MB was working fine up to that point. I then set up the MB (network, date and time, etc.) and repaired...Read more

New symptoms since latest firmware update

October 11 0

OK I have a 1tb sky hd box which hasn't had any really annoying issues up until the new firmware update (the one with the new Kids tile which is annoying in its own right).  Anyway, I have been watching the cricket on SS2 and every so often when they...Read more

New to the WRT300N - Firmware & help needed

October 11 0

Hi. First off, I apologize that this is going to be very long.  I really hope someone will take the time to read it all and give me some help. I posted about a week ago about problems with my WRT54GS.  All of a sudden with no changes, the wireless st...Read more

Start-up problems, black screen or open firmware

October 11 2

My iBook G4 1.33GHz Dual USB, with 1 gb RAM memory has been troublesome lately. It's installed with the latest version of OS 10.4.9 When starting up the ibook, it will sometimes only show a black screen after the boot chime. Repeated force restart so...Read more

Ipod Touch 4g doesn´t work after firmware update

October 11 2

Hello togehther, i had two times the same problem with my iPod. Apple sent me two times a new iPod, but i don´t want to have new iPods every two weeks, i want to have an ipod that works a long time. The problem: -I tried to install Apps, but it didn´...Read more

Firmware upgrade crippled cp1025nw

October 11 1

LaserJet CP1025nw color: was working flawlessly received email from HP 4/3/2012, recommending firmware upgrade to v 20120130. ran upgrade 4/3/2012 from iMac, OS10.6.8. got error: 'update failed' print queue says 'printing', cp1025nw doesn't respond....Read more

HP Laserjet M2727nf - Firmware not loading to Printer

October 11 2

My printer display was not working so I ordered a new one.  But as I read some postings it seems to be by formatter board.  I baked the formatter board.  After I baked it, the display would show: Hewitt Packard >>>>>.  I did the below but t...Read more

Suggestion for a new firmware (nokia 2630 phone)

October 11 0

Hello, I've bought nokia 2630, and revealed one weakness. When i use "go to" menu or some other menus i can't use numbers to move through menu (then i push "5" i go to point #5 and go in; in my old nokia 6021 this worked fine). So such...Read more

How do I install iPhone Firmware without Errors???

October 11 0

ok folks, here it is: Macbook Pro 8GB Ram Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2 iTunes 10.5.2 64bit and a dead iPhone 4 CDMA :-( iPhone stopped starting up Oct 9th, 2011 and was fully updated at the time. I tried countless suggestions then, have resumed troubleshootin...Read more

Can't install OS 8.6 on iMac DV Slot Loading - firmware?

October 11 0

I have an iMac "DV" (400) Slot Loading ( that I am trying to install the original system on (8.6, if I'm not mistaken). It has 128 mbs of RAM, a 10 gb HD, and currently no system installed...Read more