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Error While creating Delivery For  AAK

October 11 0

Hi experts , I am creating Delivery for AAK in sap but i m getting error as ERROR:::-- A delivery of type Installation/Upgrade already exists for component KAARTECH (version 400_700) We have already created the delivery but we couldn use the old one....Read more

ABAP development license and AAK install

November 30 0

Hello, What is the ABAP development license? Is it a license that has to be registered within our SAP system that our development is done on? Or is it just a license number that we reference on our test reports, certification etc? Just wondering what...Read more

How to create ADD-ON using AAK tool

November 30 0

Hi Experts, We have ECC (ECC6 EHP4 SP03 ) system in our landscape having AAK tool (AOFTOOLS 400_700 SP00). Presently we have developed a package and need to create  an ADD-ON using AAk Tool. Can you please Guide us how to create ADD-on. System Inform...Read more

AAk handling in different scenarios

November 30 0

Hi, We have been receiving (in system "B" and "C")  BW objects (Infoobjects, cubes,..) by AAK as Customer Content developed in System "A". From now on we have to maintain & deliver mentionated BW objects, our goal is deli...Read more

Enhancement Set error in AAK

November 30 0

Hello Experts,, We are trying to follw the steps given in the AAK Standard Documentation. We have created the Change Piece List Delivery Package and When we are doing the Object List check - We are getting the following error for enhancement set tabl...Read more

The Mac Pro OEM drive vs the AAKS

November 30 0

I'm trying to find out in which ways the OEM drive installed in the Mac Pro (listed as WD3200AAJS in DU) is different from the 640 AAKS. Specifically, the data transfer speed. I'm wondering for the purposes of deciding whether to use the OEM drive or...Read more

Deliver new Content (Cubes, Objects etc.) via AAK

November 30 0

Hi there, We have developed a project including InfoCubes and related Objects, Queries and Process chains etc. Now we would like to continue and distribute it by using the SAP AAK. So far we have not been able to. It was not possible, because all our...Read more

.att file for aak development

November 30 0

Hi experts, I have generated .PAT file for sample object in our test system. I am able to see the PAT File in the Application server. File path: server15\trans\EPS\out\EBP0020512336_0000001.PAT. When I asked my Basis team to import this .PAT file, th...Read more

Error while saving a .PDF File to a mapped drive

October 11 4

The issue I am having is similar to the one found on this older post. The issue is as follows. I have a small company about 15 users divided into a couple of departments with different networking access...Read more

Hang on boot after upgrade to kernel 2.6.31 [SOLVED]

October 11 0

hey all, My system hangs after installing 2.6.31.  the message is this: pci 0000:00:00.0: BAR 3: address space collision on of device [0xe0000000-0xffffffff] i tried 2.6.30, but compiz was too slow, so i went back to 2.6.29.  dmesg: Linux version 2.6...Read more

Error while transporting Enhancement set to QA

October 11 1

Hello All, We are implementing AAK for a product. We have imported all the Transport Requests from DEV to QA. We have created a Change Piece List Package and did object check list. We got errors regarding table contents of Enhancment set like 'Table...Read more

Arch64, RAM: 5gb of 6gb usable

October 11 0

Hello there, i recently upgraded my hardware, adding 2x2GB Ram Sticks. Its a workstation (no laptop), The bios says that 6GB are Usable of 6GB Installed. (Before flashing it, it said only 5GB Usable). In Archlinux, i have only 5GB available free -m t...Read more

Help needed in Identifying dependent objects

October 11 0

Hi all, Basically I need to identify the object related to Integration which is not there in one of our software product under development as compare to other(existing) already developed so that we can apply them in the product being developed. I nee...Read more

Help needed in making table name and column name dynamic

October 11 0

please check the below query? in the below message Message was edited by: 460425 Message was edited by: 460425thanks Dmytro, below is the script i was looking for it got it..any way thanks. just need to replace dbms_output.put_line with utl_file.put_...Read more

Nouveau problem after update

October 11 1

I installed the system (latest ISO release), and updated it with "# pacman -Syu" (kernel updated from 2.6.33 to 2.6.34) and rebooted. Now, when the booting log is coming to udev, the monitor just is turning off, it doesn't receive any signal, th...Read more