factory accounting and stored procedure


Stored procedure with parameters

October 11 4

Morning all, I was wondering how can you pass report parameters to the stored procedure so that the records can be filtered accordingly. I have created a Command under CR2008 using the following SQL however when I ran the report with my parameters ac...Read more

Stored Procedure for Accounts Receivable

October 11 3

Hi. First off, apologies in advance if I have put this question into the wrong topic. Secondly, I first saw SAP 3 weeks ago when I stared my new job and have had no training so please bear with me if some of what I ask doesn't make much sense. OK, th...Read more

Can not see Stored Procedures owned by "Code Owner"

October 11 0

Post Author: BinChen CA Forum: Deployment I am using Data Source defined with "CR Oracle ODBC Driver 5.0" in "Data Source (ODBC)". But in Crystal Report XI, I can not see CodeOwner when I can created a new connection using ODBC (RDO)....Read more

Calling a stored procedure of oracle 8 from java

October 11 5

hello, i made a stored procedure as below in 1 program :      String url = "jdbc:odbc:rjc1";      Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(url,"scott","tiger");      Statement stmt = con.createStatement();      String cre...Read more

Error While Executing Stored Procedure - SAP BPC 5.0

October 11 1

Hi all I have defined stored procedure 'EP2' in the account transformation rules and which runs fine with all the entities. But when I filter particular entity which give no data extrace to the selections made instead of giving the comment: 0 rows cr...Read more

DB Adapter calling stored procedure in MS SQL Server.

October 11 6

Hi i am calling a stored procedure in a MS SQL Server. I configured a Datasource for MS SQL Server driver as Oracle's MS SQL Server Driver(Type 4) Versions: 7.0 and later and provide all db details of sql server. I tested the data source and was gett...Read more

Help needed in Stored Procedure validation

October 11 0

Hi, I have defined 5 dimensions in my database. For GLs of Expense and Revenue drawer, I want to validate that if Dimension 1 is selected for a GL in any transaction, then Dimension 2 must also be mandatory. Now different transactions have different...Read more

Unable to run SSIS Package using Stored Procedure

October 11 2

Hi Guys,         I have create one simple SSIS Package(Move the first table record to second table).It will execute fine in locally. But, If i'm going call/execute .dtsx file using stored procedure. I'm getting Error. so please let me know the valuab...Read more

Help required in a Stored Procedure

October 11 0

I have a stored procedure as follows: create or replace PROCEDURE ACCOUNT_HISTORY_PROC_TEST (v_accountid IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT NULL,                                         v_enddate IN Date DEFAULT NULL,                                         cv_1 IN...Read more

Error calling Java in Oracle Stored Procedure

October 11 0

I can call a java function inside my Oracle Stored Procedure, but if I reference a class that uses JNI, I get problems. I don't know what forum to post this under. This seems the closest match. Here is my error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError at Acme...Read more