Essbase.ini filepath


What is Essbase.ini ,, Essadmin.ini

November 30 0

Just for your info about : Essbase.ini , , and Essadmin.ini files Essbase.ini Spreadsheet options are per worksheet. However, the options set in the Global tab are for all sheets. The Essbase.ini holds these user settings. The sheet will o...Read more

Essbase.ini file location

November 30 5

Essbase 6.2.2<BR><BR>In MS Terminal Server, how do I specify which essbase.ini file to use (ie. file path)?<BR><BR>I logged in using the admininstrator account to solve another issue and ever since it is bypassing the individual cl...Read more

How to delete the list servers in the login essbase?

October 11 0

Is there any way to delete the list of essbase servers from checkbox in the essbase login dialog ?I want that the checbox is empty, because there is too many serves now ... how can i do it ?Yes there is. Depending on your OS, its either in the regist...Read more

Essbase Excel Add-in

November 30 0

After installing the most recent microsoft patches, users on Office 2000/ Windows 2000 are unable to use the Essbase/ Options menu while connected to a database.They receive an excel.exe error message and are booted out of excel.Has anyone seen this...Read more

Setting Defaults for Essbase 6.1

November 30 0

How do you set defaults for the options/global/mouse-actions?Presently, we have to disable the mouse-actions every time we enter Excel. Essbase is overwriting the mouse-actions with Essbase functions every time we enter Excel (it does not save our ch...Read more

Server name list

November 30 0

The list of server names used to be stored in the Essbase.ini file. This seems to have changed after upgrading from V6.0 to V6.5.3.Does anyone know where the list is now stored as I'm trying to take the default server out because it no longer exists....Read more

SQL Drill Error

November 30 0

We are in the process of upgrading from 5.0.2 p11 to 6.5.1. After uninstalling 5.0.2 p11 from user desktop and installing 6.5.1 I get the following message everytime I open the excel add-in: "Could not load SQL drill-through customadd-in". Tech...Read more

Error login "all logins are currently in use"

November 30 0

Hi,I just installed essbase add-in in a xp - xls 2002 machinne. This machine is using Portuguese as a standard language.The funny thing is I can login into any server / app /db from other computers using my regular username & passwd. (english...Read more

Excel add-in Terminal Service, not connection is made

November 30 0

<p>I have a problem with Excel add-in on Terminal Service. Theinstallation went all right and the add-in is found by Excel. Theproblem is when I try to connect to one of the essbase serversnothing happens. When I check the server no login attempt ha...Read more

Issue with Essbase - SQL Interface in UNIX box

October 11 0

Hi All, One of our customer is facing an issue while trying to connect to the Oracle datasource from Essbase version in a 64 bit UNIX box. He is using Oracle wired protocol for SQL interface. Customer has tried the below and getting the be...Read more

Syntax error in NQSConfig.ini.file

October 11 2

# NQSConfig.INI # Copyright (c) 1997-2006 Oracle Corporation, All rights reserved # INI file parser rules are: # If values are in literals, digits or _, they can be # given as such. If values contain characters other than # literals, digits or _, val...Read more

Essbase 11.1.2 studio startup error

November 30 0

Hi All , I m new to the EssBase. I have installed Essbase in standalone mode on windows 2003 server and used oracle 11g as DB. Both installation and configuration were successful. 1) What all services must be running before starting Essbase studio se...Read more

Configuring odbc.ini in Unix for SQL data sources in EAS

November 30 0

Hi All, The first question I have is, which odbc.ini file should I edit? The tech reference says navigate to /home/Common/ODBC/Merant/x.x/odbc.ini but I have 5 folders under Merant... 5.3 6.0 6.0SP1 6.1 7.0.1 The main problem I have is making the new...Read more