document type ready for input


Editing Options - Document Type 'Ready For Input'

November 30 0

I have a client who wants the default editing option for all users to have the Document Type set to 'Ready For Input'. Is this possible? I have explained how each user can change the own entry but they are not happy with this. Any ideas? Ged Griffith...Read more

Regarding document type in  batch input session

November 30 0

Hi,     when i run (f.16) it is calculating perfect and posting also perfect using TC FB01 when i run batch input session but the deflaut values i.e.. doument type is assigned DA but now the client want to change the document type from DA to...Read more

Document Types Assignment

November 30 0

Hi, How can we change the docment type assignment to some of the transactions? For eg, vendor invoice, vendor payment and vendor clearing. Thanks, CWHi, You can do the same in FB00, where you can make the document type ready for input. Regards Suresh...Read more

Document types in FB50

November 30 0

Hi Sap Gurus When i am doing a transaction in FB50, I am unable to know the document types and it is not available in the screen. We are using sap EcC 6.0 version. How to get the document types in enjoy transaction like FB50. thanks & regards. SkHi,...Read more

How to do setting to find Document Type on my FB50 Screen?

November 30 0

Hi, In my system when I open any document for posting, for Example: FB50 in ECC6, it wont show document type, but when I check with my other colleagues system, there its showing Document type SA I m sure their must be some setting to find this on you...Read more


November 30 0

Hi....... I have created two document type NB and ZNB, now i have set release procedure for standard document type NB only, during automatic convertion of PR to PO the PO is created for document type NB, how do i maintain setting so that for PO creat...Read more

Document type in MRP

November 30 0

Hi, at the time of conversion of planned order to PR (MD14) i have changed the document type in planned order but system could not consider it and create the PR with the number ranges of standard document type (which is NB). requirement is that syste...Read more

Japanese characters alone are not passing correctly (passing like ??? or some unreadable characters) to Adobe application when we create input variable as XML data type. The same solution works fine if we change input variable data type to document type a

October 11 0

Dear Team, Japanese characters alone are not passing correctly (passing like ??? or some unreadable characters) to Adobe application when we create input variable as XML data type. The same solution works fine if we change input variable data type to...Read more

AFAB IM document type is defined only for batch input

November 30 0

Hello Everybody, With the new version ECC6, I have this message error : "document type is defined only for batch input"  when I launch the monthly depreciation with AFAB transaction. Thanks a lot in advance for your help ! Regards.Hi For this do...Read more

Reconciliation account ready for input

November 30 0

Dear All, While creating GL, if it is a recon account, then it is picked up form the Account Type (ie) either vendors/debtors/assets. What is the use of 'Reconciliation account ready for input', Will there be any other recon items other than vendors/...Read more

Asking to maintain a valid document type for inter company

November 30 0

Hi friends We have created a purchase order. It is STO inter-Co There is no issue for a normal vendor when posting in MIGO; the error is just for inter-company vendors. When doing MIGO the document shows OK. When posting or saving the document it is...Read more

MIGO Field display to ready for Input

November 30 0

Hi, Field EBELN purchase order is made mandatory for movement type 541 When i am doing MB1B its ready for input But when i am trying to post 541 using MIGO the field is display only I tried Enjoy settings for MIGO but the field is not available in mo...Read more

PO Document Type for Free Goods only

October 11 0

Good day, Business Scenario: Client wants to track FreeGoods made. To solve this, we have created PO document type "Free Goods PO" Current: I choose Free Goods PO, input materials and then tick the FG indicator. Question: Is it possible that for...Read more

Billing due list problem with customized document types

October 11 0

Dear Team, We have created a new Rental contract and Rental Invoice document types by copying the standard ones (MV & FV), while trying to get the Billing due list, unable to get the Rental Invoice type, rather the system is proposing the standard In...Read more

How to restrict document types in hierachy

October 11 1

Hi My scenario is For DIR of document type A only DIRs of document type B and C should be attached in the document hierarchy. How to restrict the user from attaching other type of documents? What will be the best solution for this scenario? Thanks in...Read more

How to configure a new third party sales document type?

October 11 3

Hi SAP SD gurus, I am new to the SAP world, I need your help in configuring a new third party sales document type for a site. There are existing third party document types being used in the region, but the client wants an entirely new third party doc...Read more