DirSyncRequestControl issue


New DVR Issues (First Run, Channel Switching, etc.)

October 11 3

I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to find answers through the search with no luck, so sorry if I missed something. I recently switched to FIOS from RCN cable in New York.  I've gone through trying to setup my DVR and am running into issues and wa...Read more

Pension issue Mid Month Leaving

October 11 1

Dear All, As per rule sustem should deduct mid month joining/leaving/absences or transfer scenarios, the Pension/PF Basis will be correspondingly prorated. But our system is not doing this. In RT table i have found 3FC Pension Basis for Er c 01/2010 ...Read more

Open PO Analysis - BW report issue

October 11 1

Hello Friends I constructed a query in BW in order to show Open Purchase Orders. We have custom DSO populated with standard datasource 2lis_02_itm (Purcahse Order Item). In this DSO we mapped the field ELIKZ to the infoobject 0COMP_DEL (Delivery comp...Read more

HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M602 driver issue

October 11 10

Hello, I've got issue with 600-series printers. We use the latest UPD drivrer ver. and print from XenApp 6.5. The error occurs every time when users try to print jpg files from XenApp session. It only happens with 600 series printers a...Read more

Issue in Creation of Periodicals for Contracts in CRM7.0

October 11 1

Hello, I have a requirement to create Contracts in CRM7.0 system. And I am doing this using the BAPI *BAPI_BUSPROCESSND_CREATEMULTI* Good part is Contract Order gets created, but onlywith Header Details. The issues i am facing -- 1. I need to know wh...Read more

Issue in Creation of new Value Field in CO-PA

October 11 1

Hi, I have a query in CO-PA Value Field Linking. In my Development Client, 1. Created a New Value Field (No Transport Request Generated) 2. Linked to the above to new Conditon type created in SD. (Tranport request was generated) i.e. in Flow of Actua...Read more

Issue of Free Goods

October 11 1

Dear All I have some is my current assignment-Customer is buying some material say "A" want "B,C" as exclusive free goods is it possible to give two free at a time in same order ? I only know one exlusive free good can be give to one m...Read more

Issue in creation of control cycle

October 11 1

Dear Gurus, During creation of control cycle (LPK1), the fields for source information is not appearing in my system. I compared control cycle in a different ECC system where source information is appearing. How can make the screen appear in my ECC s...Read more

Issue in Creation of XML file from ABAP data

October 11 2

Hi, I need to create a XML file, but am not facing some issues in creation of XML file, the in the required format. The required format is -<Header1 1st field= u201CValueu201D 2nd field= u201CValueu201D>    - <Header2 1st field= u201CValueu201D 2...Read more

Issues with Creative Cloud for teams deployment workflow

October 11 0

The Adobe Creative Cloud for teams IT Deployment Guide lists out steps for IT admins to deploy the CS6 applications and then have their end-users license the trial software with their Adobe IDs once they have been invited to the team. There are two m...Read more

HP Envy trackpad issues

October 11 2

Hi, I hope this problem can be fixed without having to return my laptop. I bought an HP Envy about a week ago and I've been having issues with the touchpad/trackpad or whatever you'd like to call it. My product number is E1P04AAR. The touchpad just s...Read more

How to sort out different issues on Satellite A505-S6973

October 11 1

Can anyone tell me, if the warranty period on my laptop has not passed, can i return my laptop to toshiba and have all my issues sorted out. Would there be a cost to do whatever repairs software related needs be done and how i am supposed to go about...Read more

ITunes issue on IPhone 5s - songs don't show up

October 11 3

I upgraded the operating system on my iPhone 5s to 8.1.2. I manually synced songs from an old Macbook Pro with ITunes 11.4 (the most recent version). (I can not update to iTunes 12 because my computer is not supported.) The issue is that 11 voice mem...Read more

Scaning issue using iPhone AiO Remote app v4.3

October 11 0

Following 4.3 update on iOS, scaning is no longer working using tray, the app conects to the scanner, it initiates the document feeder to scan, pages get scanned trough, but the application reports failure and displays message to check printers contr...Read more

Issue when uploading Sales data from DSO to Cube.

October 11 0

Dear All, I have an issue when I am uploading Sales data from DSO to Cube.  I am using BI 7.0 and I have uploaded all sales document level data to my DSO.  Then I use a transformation rule to calculate the Sales Value when I am doing DTP to cube.  Cu...Read more

Issue to write/execute AT-commands for a 3G modem

October 11 2

Dear community, For the past month, I'm searching for some help on this topic without success, "you are my last hope" After modification of the PPP parameters under network preferences (according the clear archive from apple support on this topi...Read more