custom tables in fdmee


Error while deleting a customer table

October 11 1

When I try to delete a customer table which is saved as a local object I get an error stating that the table is still used in ABAP Dictionary. It seems that the customer table is still used in a customer program, but the program is already deleted! I...Read more

How to create a custom table in the below format

October 11 0

Dear Friends           can any one please let me know hot to create a custom table as below outpatient |employeeno | class | startdate | enddate | spouse |1stchild | 2nchild|  Rate | amount| My FO wants to enter in the SM30 as above ......i.e he want...Read more

How to create the custom table?

October 11 0

Hi, how to create the custom table and how to integrate the table with defferent R/3? my requiremnt is i have to create the two tables and those i have to integrate with the existed R/3 and using those R/3 i have to update my custom tables .....can g...Read more

How can i create a custom table in to my banking services server

October 11 0

I am having product type and account type details for those things I need to create a table Product Id.                 Account Type DP_PYGO_P     21 DP_BASIC     25 DP_UNLIMIT     24 DP_ADVANTG     17 DP_SAV                     34 DP_TBILL          ...Read more

How to store long text in Rich Text Format in custom table

October 11 2

Hi I have a requirement to store long text in the RTF in custom table.. Is this possible.. I am aware of a way to store them as Standard texts (SO10).. But not sure on if we can store them in tables.. Plz advise Thanks GeethaNot that familiar with RT...Read more

How can I place a custom table over an image?

October 11 0

I have a graphic embedded in the Master Page at the start of every chapter like this. I created a borderless Custom Table without the data that I want to place over the image so it looks like the text is typed on the notebook paper. I apparently can'...Read more

How to enter a floating value in a custom table.

October 11 0

hello guys, I have created a custom table, the table has a field of type fltp(floating type) now when i create a maintanence genrator, this field is not displayed in the maintenance generator screen. Can any one suggest me what is the reason ? also h...Read more

How to mark a customizing table in the list of the SPRO?

October 11 0

Hi all, I would like to highlight specific customizing table in the list that is presented within the SPRO transaction. How is it possible? (The highlighted table name should be sent as an input so maybe by evoking a user event) Thanks, RoyHi Roy, I...Read more


October 11 5

Hello - grateful if anyone can assist. I have followed the official guide notes but am unable to insert a line with blob file into my custom table (APEX_AM_LEASES) Error message is as follows: ORA-06550: line 2, column 13: PL/SQL: ORA-00913: too many...Read more

Custom Table Currency field with 5 decimals

October 11 2

Hello, I have created a custom table and it has a field for 'US Plan Cost'. The users wanted it with 5 Decimals. I have created a custom domain and custom data element of DEC Type with 5 Decimals. Domain: ZCOST: Data Type: DEC, No. of Characters: 11,...Read more