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XML Publisher Report Bursting

October 11 3

I have created report using XML Publisher Report Bursting. The output-type of the report is pdf.. <xapi:document output="${PROJECT_APPROVER}" output-type="pdf" delivery="123"> But if I change the format to xls it's show...Read more

XML Publisher Report Bursting Program Randomly failing

October 11 6

Hi, In our environment "XML Publisher Report Bursting Program" fails randomly and failures are very very few and random, and can not be reproduced. The error message is +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle...Read more

Help needed in XML Bursting

October 11 0

Hi, I am working first time on XML report bursting concept. I have two remit to addresses in my report xml. I nedd to burst my report at address level. This is my report xml: <ARXSGPO> <LIST_G_SETUP> <G_SETUP> <LIST_G_STATEMENT> &l...Read more

Can we use replace function in bursting control file?

October 11 8

Hi All, Greetings!!!!!!!!!! Have a doubt can we use sql functions like replace,nvl,decode.. in xml bursting control file. Please let me know if there is a option. awaiting reply... Thanks RajeshIn Expression operator or in Filter, etc. you can type f...Read more

XML Bursting shows incorrect values in email

October 11 2

We used bursting for sending out AR statements. We want to email the statements and ftp the same to another server for backup copies. When I have my delivery as just email, everything works as expected. When I add 'ftp' delivery in addition to 'email...Read more

Issue in Printing, using Bursting control file

October 11 5

Hello All, We are using bursting control file to print and email. Email option is working fine. But when it comes to printing, it is printing "PDF file not printed. 128MB of memory is required to enable direct PDF printing" in the printout. We a...Read more

XML Publisher Report Bursting Program ends in error

October 11 9

We have a report that generates the XML output (ACH notification) In the after report we have a call to the Bursting program. The ACH notification completes with the correct output but the bursting ends in error showing Set Bursting parameters.. Temp...Read more

Report burst:To increase query performance in xcelsius

October 11 1

Is there anyway to increase query performance in xcelsius by using report burstingFremlin, Report bursting is only for distributing your reports to your end users. You can improve performance only by following the [Best practices|https://www.sdn.sap....Read more

Bursting using a Concatenated Data Source

October 11 1

Greetings, I am trying to burst a report using a concatenated data source. I have a bursting SQL query set up that works fine, but I am unsure how to handle the "Split By" option. I have a data model that pulls data from multiple queries, like t...Read more

XML Bursting to a printer

October 11 8

Hello experts out there. Can one of you give me some guidance on how to send a pdf file to a printer via xml bursting? One of the requirements I have is to email an invoice if customer has an email address. If no email address is found then print it....Read more

The file should be in XML-BURSTING-FILE format.

October 11 7

I'm gettting an error when I try to upload my xml bursting control file for my oracle report that has an rtf template defined. The error message says"The uploaded file MT_RAXINV.xml is invalid. The file should be in XML-BURSTING-FILE format." an...Read more