brother mfc9340cdw osx 10.5 twain driver


HP LaserJet Pro CM1415fnw Twain driver ??

October 11 2

Hello everyone,  I was wondering where I can find the TWAIN driver for this printer. My company uses software that allows me to scan documents (via their software) and it scans at the lowest resolution possible which results in an extremely faint/blu...Read more

Cannot Boot from OSX on external firewire drive

October 11 0

I recently bought a seagate hardrive and installed it in an external firewire casing. I partitioned it into two partitions, and installed osx 10.4.10 on one of the partitions, the same as is running on my Ti Book. I tried selecting the os on the fire...Read more

How do you know what version Mac OSX is on ANOTHER drive?

October 11 0

How do you know what version Mac OSX is on ANOTHER drive without starting that drive and seeing the system profiler? In fact, because the drive wont start up, Now I am wondering if it is pre-intel. ? CMD-I doesn't do it. ThanksWhy mess with this? Wel...Read more

64-bit Twain driver for Canon Canoscan 8800F

November 30 0

The twain driver for my Canon Canoscan 8800F doesn't show under File-->Import in Photshop Elements 13.  In Photshop Elements 10 this was not a problem. I have searched on the internet and the instructions I found only applies to older version of Phot...Read more

How do i uninstall a twain driver in OS 10.5?

November 30 0

How do i uninstall a twain driver in OS 10.5?Uninstalling Software: The Basics Most OS X applications are completely self-contained "packages" that can be uninstalled by simply dragging the application to the Trash. Most applications create pref...Read more

Adobe Pro 9 and TWAIN driver

November 30 0

WHen scanning multiple pages from my HP Photosmart C6180 using the TWAIN driver recently installed in an Adobe update, Adobe freezes. HP say it's an Adobe issue.  Any clues on how to sort this out?I frequently see problems with people that scan direc...Read more

Why doesn't Photoshop CS6 recognizes its Twain Driver

November 30 0

I've downloaded the Twain driver for Photoshop CS6 from Adobe and copied the Twain.plugin file to the Photoshop Plugin directory in Applications. I'm using a Mac with 10.6.8. I then restarted CS6 but there isn't a mention of 'Twain' in the Import men...Read more

TWAIN driver for Photoshop CS6

November 30 0

Hello, I'm looking for the TWAIN driver for Photoshop CS6 This link Adobe - Photoshop : For Windows : Photoshop CS5 Optional Plugins doesn't contains the TWAIN driver. So, where can I get the TWAIN driver? Thank for your help! Hans-JoergTWAIN plug-in...Read more

OSX formats usb external drive as well as firewire drive

November 30 0

Hello, The following happened to me: I have a Western Digital Studio II SE in RAID 0 configuration attached on FW400 to my Macbook, the drives are formatted in FAT32 so I can use the drive in Windows as well. However I decided to format the drive in...Read more