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Too much background noise!

November 30 0

i am making a video of a party for someone and i would go around asking people to say a message to the camera for the "birthday boy". Some people are old and did not speak very well so i have hope for their clips, but in general there is just to...Read more

N95 background noise/hiss

November 30 0

My new N95-1 produces quite a bit of background noise/hiss while playing music or other sounds, both on speakers as on (wired) headphones. It's not the screen-whine, and it's not solvable by disabling key tones, which I've disabled anyway. There are...Read more

Nokia Asha 200 image file format problem

November 30 0

hello. I just bought a Nokia Asha 200 recently, and I am happy with it. The only problem that I am currently having is with my phone's captured image's file format. It used to be .jpg and then it suddenly became .nrw and I can't open it when I tranfe...Read more

How can I remove .nrw files from my NOKIA Asha 200...

October 11 1

When I am connecting my NOKIA Asha 200 with my PC by data cable, I am watching almost 50 nos. *.nrw files inside the Image folder. I tried to delete all those file, but I was unable. Is there any one, who can tell me how to remove those files from my...Read more

Problem with Nokia Asha 200 apps

October 11 5

Hello guys, I am using Nokia Asha 200 and i am quite satisfy with this phone. The only drawback that i can find is that i cannot ue it social prebuild apps, like Social and i cannot use the e-mail app as well. When i open them and accept the license,...Read more

Filtering background noise using two microphones

October 11 0

Hi, I am new to Labview so please bear with me. I am trying to work out the sound vibration level emitted from a compressor. I have a microphone placed next to it but it is operating in a noisy laboratory and therefore I need to filter out the backgr...Read more

No "Background Noise Suppression" option ?

October 11 0

When using a headset mic, I?broadcast a? constant background 'hum/hiss' while gaming; using Skype; or even just recording my voice with windows voice recorder... This occurs when I am speaking and also (especially annoying) when not speaking. Most on...Read more

Background noise with electric guitar

October 11 2

Hi, I'm playing my les paul into a cheap (like $100) m-audio fast track interface, and picking up the signal with the usb on my macbook pro. I am using the audio port to send the signal to my line 6 amp. I am quite sure i have set all the necessary s...Read more

How to download Youtube video into Nokia Asha 200

October 11 1

Is there any application to help me download youtube video into my nokia asha 200? Moderator's notes: The post was edited. A more appropriate subject is provided.Hi Even42 Thank you for posting on our forum!  Using your Nokia Asha 200, check if you c...Read more

Error code: 12017 (nokia asha 200)

October 11 2

i cant update my phone's software. nokia asha 200.hey even when i try to update my nokia asha 200, the nokia suite suddenly stops working... and also i since i've purchased the mobile,i m unable to access the web....i have tried several sim cards......Read more

Removing background noise from captured clip

November 30 0

I wanted to edit an audio which was captured with Video also it contains some background noise.Which filter should I try for this in FCP.I read that tutorial it is nice but I have only Final Cut Pro 4.5 HD not the SoundTrack Pro is there no option in...Read more

How to reduce background noise while recording in iphone?

November 30 0

I am actually recording voice in iphone. How can i ignore the background noises other than the person who is speaking... Can anyone suggest me any idea pls ?There is no filter in FCE that can eliminate background noise separately from the sound you w...Read more