Replicate APO master table data into HANA db via SLT

November 30 0

Hi, Can anybody help me on replicating SAP APO master table data into SAP HANA by using SLT. What is the hardware requirement (Version & Patch) for APO system to communicate with SLT and is it the same methodology to follow while replicating ECC data...Read more

How to find the apo related tables

November 30 0

Hi Experts, Tables required for APO related. please suggest me. Edited by: avenkatrao on Jul 15, 2010 8:14 AMHi, Will you please clarify in which system you looking APO related tables . If you are looking into SCM system, then , you can search throug...Read more

APO DP - table /SAPAPO/FCST_LC1 question

November 30 0

I am using APO DP V5. I am using lifecycle planning in APO DP. Table /SAPAPO/FCST_LC1 contains assignments for lifecycle planning. But what is meaning /use of field 'MERKMAL GUID' in this table? Thanks, Bob Austin.Dear Bob Austin, SAP uses GUIDs whil...Read more

Copying data from KeyFigures to database table in APO

November 30 0

Hi Experts, Is there any way to copy the key figure values to APO database table? Can we use any macro function to satisfy this requirement? Is there any function module/BAPI which might be helpful to copy the KF data to DB table within APO? Thanks f...Read more

Error taking data from APO data source

November 30 0

Hi, We have created a planning area in the APO system using the t-code /SAP/APO/MSDP_ADMN. We have generated a "export data source" and the data source 9ADA_3 has been created and it was replicated from APO to BI system. We have created the tran...Read more

CIF replishment indicator for ECC to APO

November 30 0

Hi, i want to CIF a value from ECC to APO which must sit in REPLINDI which is on the APO side, table   /SAPAPO/MATLSPP... I was not able to find this field on either sides... PLZ HELP...I can use the CIF for independent demands or PIR's from ECC to A...Read more

Deltas for APO

November 30 0

Hello everybody, I am loading the data from(SNP and DP)  APO to BW every week full load around 9 to 12 million. I want to know, do we have deltas for APO datasource(SNP and DP) to bw. It will be easier for me. Your inputs will be valuable. Thanks, La...Read more

Question while using report /SAPAPO/SDORDER_DEL

November 30 0

Hello all, While using Report /SAPAPO/SDORDER_DEL and going through system documentation, I found that: "Normally, the order data remains in the database (it is not deleted as in live Cache)." From the above statement I am assuming that data get...Read more

JSP - ImageLoader from Database (BalusC code)

November 30 0

ImageServlet Firstly @ BalusC amazing code thanx I have been playing with the ImageServlet and Wow. It works perfectly Here is my problem: I want to load the image from my SQL Server 2000 database but when I load the image it doesn't display and no e...Read more

Master tables on APO

November 30 0

Hi ,    Coule you please provide me a list of master tables in APO. Regards ArunHi You can search it by yourself TCode SE11 --> in the Database table input field Press F4 --> After that you will get one popup windo in that Press on SAP Applications...Read more

What are the table names for CRM and APO?

October 11 1

hi friends, what are the table names for CRM and APO? Regards suneel.hi Suneel, check in crm forum Re: SAP-CRM Tables BUT051 BP Relationship: Contact Person Relationship Similar to BUT050 , additionally contains Contact Person’s Address data BUT0BK B...Read more

Using ABAP DATA FLOW to pull data from APO tables

October 11 0

I am trying to use an ABAP Data flow to pull data from APO and receive error 150301. I can do a direct table pull and receive no error, but when I try to put it in an ABAP data data flow I get the issue. Any help would be great.Hi I know you "closed&...Read more