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How do I include 'Edge Web Fonts' into Edge Animate?

October 11 1

How do I include 'Edge Web Fonts' (not Google Web Fonts) into Edge Animate?Have you tried to use google fonts? I have used them and they work for me. When you add your font for example: Copy paste: <link href=' more

Adobe Edge Animate CC 2014.1

October 11 0

Hello, do the animation in Adobe Edge Animate CC 2014.1 and faced with a problem, animating picture animation works when you hover over the image and still have the text which also operates and has a different animation, and the problem is if I'm pok...Read more

How to make something like this in Edge Animate?

October 11 0

Hi, I'm hoping to make something like this – – in Edge Animate but I'm not sure where to start. I'm new to Edge but am keen to explore. Anyone have any feedback on whether: 1. It's possible, and 2. What tec...Read more

Sticky header and footer in Edge Animate

October 11 0

I've created a long scrolling site in EA and need my navigation bar and logo to remain static at the top as I scroll down. I also want my Contacts bar at the bottom to stay put. Can anyone help me? I'm not familiar with JS, CSS or HTML5 so please ima...Read more

Adding to a website animation made in edge animate

October 11 1

Hello, I am web designer, I made several banners for our webpage in edge animate, and now our programmists are having trouble adding them to a website. May be someone can tell, what they did wrong? Or may be you may give as lint to a tutorial explain...Read more

How do I animate say, dropping paint, in Edge?

October 11 0

I have 4 PNG files, that show drops of paint from a brush at various stages. I want to display to the viewer a sequence of paint dripping off the brush, as if flipping a cartoon drawing book... I have imported all four images and tried to stack them...Read more

How do I stream video in edge animate?

October 11 0

I am a Flash Pro convert, which means I know action script, but not html, html5 or js. I found a training video that talks about embedding youtube video through the use of a container and creationComplete coding. However, I would prefer not using emb...Read more

How do I use Typekit fonts within Edge Animate

October 11 0

I have applied a 'Pragmatica' Typekit font to a website.  I'm using Edge animate to construct some pages and within these pages want to add Type; however, Edge Fonts does not include the Typekit font 'Pragmatica' and the instruction for the page to u...Read more

How do I keep an Edge Animate banner ad file size small?

October 11 7

Most publishers cap the file size of banner ads at 30 KB to 50 KB. Is that possible using Edge? I know someone asked a question like this two years ago, and the reply was to use a CDN to serve the larger .js files. Is there a more direct approach now...Read more

How do I scale an Edge Animate comp afterwards?

October 11 2

Is it possible to scale an Edge Animate composition after you made it? I made a composition, but I want to rescale the whole thing. I can change the stage values, but still have to resize all the elements. First of all that's a lot of work when you h...Read more