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Open Field in ALV Report

October 11 6

Hi all, i have to develop a ALV report. In that report i have to put a open quantity column , so that the user can enter values in that, and that value should get updated in the database. So please suggest me how to develop such report with open fiel...Read more

Unable to capture data in an editable dynamic ALV.

October 11 0

Hi , I have created a dynamic editable ALV whose displayed structure can be changed at runtime based on the selection in a drop down list value selector. Im trying to capture the values entered in the ALV into an internal table before the user change...Read more

Total is not getting displayed in the ALV output.

October 11 1

Hi, Total is not getting displayed in the ALV output. I m using :REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_APPEND & REUSE_ALV_BLOCK_LIST_DISPLAY Are  there any issues with it as the same settings are working fine with REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY source code: DATA: layout TYPE...Read more

'@' not getting displayed in the ALV report

October 11 0

Hello, I am facing  a strange issue in the ALV report display. A string starting with '@' is not getting displayed and says "default icon " on the report. and this is varying from system to system for the same user. can anyone please help me in...Read more

To find total in blocked alv

October 11 2

hi experts, i have created blocked ALV program. in the o/p , it displays list of recors for open items,then list of records for cleared items. now i want it  to display sum of both open and cleared items of particular column. in grid display it is di...Read more


October 11 0


Menu options in ALV report

October 11 1

Hi, Im not getting Menu options in ALV report output. Not even default menu options SYSTEM, HELP Its dispalying as <b>????????????????????????????????</b>. Can someone help me regarding this? Regards, amalHi Amal,             Check the screen...Read more

Double click in alv report

October 11 0

Hi all, I have below output in alv report. matnr 101_102 121_122 123_124 10000   23          34              45 10001   34          34              456 if i m clicking on 23 in combination of 121_122 and 10000 then i want to see detail for 121_122 an...Read more

Single row in alv report

October 11 3

Hi experts... I want single row in alv report. I have use loop for fatch data into internal table using loop when i am passing data in alv report then the data comes according loop. i want onlu one data in alv row. how can i do such, plz help me.decl...Read more

Icon display in alv report

October 11 0

Hi all,        I have a problem in alv report ,there are 5 fields to display and in 6th position i have to display an icon as red or green light according to data. How can i do that ? please help me . Thanks and regards GoutamHi goutam, 1. Simple 2....Read more

Display Icons in ALV report

October 11 0

Hi all Good Morning. In ALV report am inserted my own icons. But the problem is at output screen am getting only those icons which i created, remaining are not displaying in standard tool bar . Please tell me how to solve this. I want to display all...Read more

Information button in ALV report

October 11 4

Information button in ALV report is not working. any suggestionI have copied standard tool bar from standard program.During debugging, I have found that function code is defferent. Then I changed function code according to that.Read other 5 answers...Read more

Hiding fields in ALV report

October 11 0

Hi all In ALV Report .The user must be able to adapt the result list (add hidden fields, remove columns) and save the layout as layout. The user must be able to select this layout when executing the selection.   the user must hide the fields and can...Read more

Some doubts in alv report

October 11 0

how can i page breakin alv report ? what are the types of variants and events in alv report? how to hide field in alv? how to change standard pf status in alv reports? plz give me sample program for how to use variants in alv? <THREAD LOCKED. Please...Read more

Warning message in ALV report

October 11 3

Hi Experts, In ALV report i am getting warning like " Field string LS_HEADER is not referenced statically" Actually i declared this field as "DATA: ls_header TYPE slis_listheader.". How to correct this warning message. Thanks in advanc...Read more

Hi experts , in alv report

October 11 0

in alv report i need to display the different customers in different blocks in the alv output, for example customer : 1000 in one block with all the details , and customer : 10001 in other block in the same alv , if possible provide the coding. its v...Read more