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What is the diffrence between ASCII and BIN mode

October 11 0

Hello All, What is the diffrence between ASCII and BIN mode Regards, Lisa.'ASC' : ASCII format. The table is transferred as text. The conversion exits are carried out. The output format additionally depends on the parameters CODEPAGE, TRUNC_TRAILING_...Read more

Problem with java, ASCII and Linux

October 11 0

Hi Friends, I has a Linux RedHat 9.0 with a jre1.5.0_04 (rpm package of Sun). I has a problem with ASCII , for example : import*; public class HolaMundo public static void main (String[] args) System.out.println("Hol� M�ndo"); this prog...Read more

Unicode and ascii conversion help needed

October 11 0

I am trying to read passwords from a foxpro .dbf. The encrpytion of the password is crude, it takes the ascii value of each char entered and adds an integer value to it, then stores the complete password to the table. So to decode, just subtract same...Read more

How to draw a jerarchical tree in ASCII ??

October 11 0

Hi guys, I've been stuck in a small project of mine about organizational diagrams. The idea is to produce a tiny domain specific language to describe a hierarchy of entities in a organization. Like manager, offices, departaments, etc So far the langu...Read more

Convert PDF File to ASCII / Text File

October 11 1

Hello, I have a PDF File that was created from a Spools (Output of Smart Form to begin with and run in background) using the SAP Function module - CONVERT_OTFSPOOLJOB_2_PDF and I have the pdf file archived. Now, I need to do Reverse process. The orig...Read more

Writing ASCII 0x81 to file with PrintStream

October 11 1

Hello I am trying to export textfiles to an other system (IBM AS400). But for that i need to convert some special characters. It works fine with most of the characters (i simply replace the characters in the String that i write to the File ( more

Username with ascii characters

October 11 2

Hello, i'm having and html form and i would like the user in the username field to type ONLY ascii characters. For example, in other fields of the form i would like the user to type his mother language but as far as the username and password fields a...Read more

Non ascii characters being sent from a parameter in a form

October 11 0

Hi! I have seen many topics posted on passing non ascii characters through parameters from one servlet to another and converting them into whatever format is necessary. However, I have not seen anyone answer the following question. I have a jsp page...Read more

Searching on high ascii characters

October 11 0

Hi all, I am writing a search engine built on Oracle text (otherwise why would i be posting here??) to search lists of medical articles. Many of the article titles have special characters in the title like cedilla's and umlaut's. Some of my users wil...Read more