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Premiere pro and media encoder CC problem

October 11 6

Hi guys, I hope some of you can help me, I installed new version of premiere pro and media encoder CC and now none of them works, I can edit in premiere but as soon as I press export message apears ''sorry a serious error has occurred that requires a...Read more

Premiere Pro and Media Encoder crash while rendering H.264

October 11 11

Very recently, a problem's popped up where Premiere Pro and Media Encoder (CC) will crash while rendering H.264. It's only while rendering H.264 - other formats seem to work fine. And I don't mean that it returns an error, I mean it hard crashes with...Read more

Using Premiere CC and Media Encoder CC at the same time

October 11 2

Is this possible?  Doesn't seem to be.  Media Encoder bails on every job as soon as you try to render anything in Premiere.  I guess they don't play nice together, which is surprising.  I was hoping that Media Encoder would pause and wait for Premier...Read more

Premiere Pro CS3 Media Encoder question...

November 30 0

Hi, I got a question regarding the Premiere Pro CS3 Media Encoder. I am converting a sequence in Premiere Pro CS3 which contains footage from a '.vob' file which is NTSC, 720x480, 16:9 to a '.flv' file. Now I'm doing this via Premiere Pro CS3 Media E...Read more

Premiere CC and Media Encoder crashing new Mac Pro

October 11 1

Since installing CC on my new Mac Pro (Late 2013) Premiere and Adobe Media Encoder have been continually crashing my system. At first, my comp would freeze and I'd have to hard restart, then it switched to rebooting on in's own. This would happen 10-...Read more

DVD vob to Premiere CS4 via Media Encoder

November 30 0

I'm a nube going through the pain of figuring out how to use vob DVD files in Premiere CS4. I've done my research and the problem has many solutions, most which are way more pain than I want. In another thread a user said that Adobe Media Encoder wor...Read more