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HT1338 how do i install adobe flash player on macbook pro

October 11 0

how do i install adobe flash player on macbook pro?Download the player from the link that Allan provided. Doubleclick the downloaded file to mount the .dmg file. When a window opens with the 'Install Adobe Flash Player', doubleclick that file to star...Read more

I have a disclaimer that says my Adobe Flash Player is out of date and needs to be updated.  I have been trying to figure this out for 2 days, which is a waste of time, and I chatted with Adobes Customer Service department who said they can't help me

October 11 0

because it is a free application.  They referred me to the Forum (which I have tried many times) but to me that is like a dog trying to chase the tail.  I am very upset because I cannot get You Tube nor can I listen to music.  This may seem trite but...Read more

Firefox 33.1 does not load Adobe Flash Player

October 11 2

As far as I can determine, Firefox 33.1 does not load Adobe Flash Player (identified on the Plug-ins list as "Shockwave Flash") when I access most of the pages on the MSN website. Whether it will display any specific video...Read more

Adobe Flash Player en firefox

October 11 0

Explico lo que me a pasado. Hoy al iniciar el ordenador me a salido para descargar y actualizar el Adobe Flash Player, cuando a terminado de bajarse me e dado cuenta que un modulo de mi antivirus habia fallado (tengo el panda 2013 y habia fallado el...Read more

Adobe Flash Player Install Stuck at 30%

October 11 1

I have tried several different times on two different browsers to update this Adobe Flash Player. The install stops at 25% or 30% each time. I've seen other posts about this and a friend of mine's computer has done the same thing. I've troubleshooted...Read more

Adobe Flash Player problems

October 11 0

Hi have installed latest version of Adobe Flash player but when i go to a site that ueses this app it says i need to down load latest version ? Can any one help meThat sounds like a reasonably new driver, although there is a newer one ( more

Adobe flash player - webcam bild verpixelt,wenn ich sende

October 11 1

hallo nun ich habe seit etwa einem Jahr ein Problem mit dem Adobe flash player.Bin schon am verzweifeln und hoffe dass jemand hier eine Idee hat was ich noch tun könnte. Mein Problem: Ich kann mit meinem Adobe flash player ohne Probleme Inhalte aufru...Read more

I have a 2008 macbook and everything is to date except Adobe Flash player which I can no longer download. When i try, it will not allow me to push "install." Is there another product I can use or is there a way to install this? I am using Firefox 4.0 btw.

October 11 0

For some reason my adobe flash player will not load or reinstall. I keep getting a screen from adobe that says quit or intall but there is no button for the install to push. Only the quit is useable. I want to be able to view video but can't. Does th...Read more

I cannot download adobe flash player to my comuter

October 11 0

This problem has been occurring and reoccurring since November 2012, I receive a message on my desktop stating that I need to update my adobe flash player. I click to do this and am transported to the adobe flash player download site. I click the "do...Read more