T-code PFCG and CTS

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Hello all,
I have a question regarding roles in PFCG.
I added a t-code to my role Z_TEST. Then I transport the role by clicking on the small truck. In SE10, I still haven't released my transport request XX.
Then I realised that I forgot to add another t-code to Z_TEST.
I, then, added my other t-code via PFCG to Z_TEST.
Does my current transport request XX automatically take into account the new t-code added ?
If not, what should i do ? Should I transport the role again into my transport request XX ?
Thank you in advance for your answer.
The PFCG data is just the cosmetics of the role. The transport recording includes the generated profiles at the time the transport request is created not when it is released.
So your user might see 3 transactions in the menu, but will only be able to start 2 of them unless you record the transport of the role again.
See [SAP Note 571276|https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/571276] section 1.a.:
> a) Changing the authorization data for the role
> Every time you change the authorization data of a role and regenerate the profile, you must create a new transport request. This is also the case if the role is part of older requests that have not yet been released. Otherwise, the transported profiles are not current.
> You can also transport the roles without profiles (see above). In this case you must regenerate them in the target system after every import.
If you use this second approach, then you must be absoluetly certain that your org. levels and Su24 data are identical in the landscape. Ie. the sequence of those transports are correct and they have all gone through to the target system.
Highly unlikely and very risky (see 1.b and 1.c for infos about profile name collisions.
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