Specify tablespace when creating Oracle tables?

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I am migrating from MS SQLServer 6.5 to Oracle Whenever I run the OMWB process to load the table data into the destination Oracle database, OMWB creates a tablespace named after my SQLServer database name. This is fine; however, the datafile always ends up in the ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory. Even if I use OMFs, it still creates the datafile for this tablespace in ORACLE_HOME/dbs. Is there any way to specify the tablespace and/or user?
NOTE: OMWB is executed on NT 4.0. Oracle repository and destination database is on Solaris 2.6. I don't think those facts matter for this question, but I want to specify because the O/S field above only allows for one selection.
if you expand the tablespace folder in the Oracle Model UI and select the tablespace in question you will note that on the
right-hand-side of the Migration Workbench UI a property pane appears with a General and Storage tab. On the General
tab you will see a list box with column headings including File Name and File Directory. If you select the tablespace name
under the File Name column, you will note that you can change the name of the tablespace file. If you select the File Directory
column for the tablespace in question, you will be able to specify a destination directory for the dbf file. If you use this method
then please remember to choose the Apply button at the bottom of the property pane to save any changes you might make.
Note that you can also rename the Tablespace itself by selecting the tablespace in question from the Tablespaces folder
and choosing Object-Rename from the menu - then simply type in your preferred name.
An alternative is to use the Tablespace discoverer option which can be found under the Tools menu in the Migration Workbench.
This enables you to use the tablespaces currently available in an existing Oracle 8i or 9i database.
I hope this helps,
Tom - Team OMWB.
Specify tablespace when creating Oracle tables?

I am migrating from MS SQLServer 6.5 to Oracle Whenever I run the OMWB process to load the table data into the destination Oracle database, OMWB creates a tablespace named after my SQLServer database name. This is fine; however, the datafile

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