[SOLVED]apps during startx

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i always see 3 terminals and xclock
how can i reset the apps running during startx?
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[SOLVED]apps during startx

i always see 3 terminals and xclock how can i reset the apps running during startx? Last edited by heyya (2009-05-24 09:21:33)heyya wrote:Solved the problem in my own way. Thanks for the replies. It's good forum etiquette to share with others how you

KB26671 does not solve app install error

Has anyone else had an error when trying to download and install an app? I keep getting the error installing app, try again later when installing one specific app. I was on the phone with BB tech support for over an hour, and went through the steps i

[Solved]app.manifest high dpi problem

Hello, I'm trying to add these lines to my app.I was added and it run sucessfull without debug.But when i press f5(debug) it gives me a error. System.ArgumentNullException was unhandled Message: An unhandled exception of type 'System.ArgumentNullExce

[Solved] Hanging while startx

Hello, I'm new to archlinux and I tried to follow the instructions for installation. Now I am hanging at testing x. I typed "startx" It will load and hang at: "Initializing built-in extension DRI2" Not sure what I did wrong, With no ke

[SOLVED]Can't startx

My video card is NVIDIA Corporation GT218 GeForce 405. And the content of /var/log/Xorg.0.log is https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5343337 Forgive my poor English. Last edited by acgtyrant (2013-04-09 11:04:27)@x33a I have installed arch to the disk

[SOLVED] app that auto populates home folder

I once used an app from the repos (might have been aur) that auto populated your home directory with the standard sub directories (music, pictures, downloads, documents, etc..) and used the correct specialized icon for each of them.  I know I could j

[Solved] Apps in /home/user/bin won't run

As per subject. To run such command I have to give full path of /home/user/bin/app because simple app is not being recognized. Last edited by Lockheed (2011-05-02 12:18:53)Lockheed wrote: Well, obviously "user" in the path is just replacement of

[SOLVED] Unable to startx as user

Hey all, I just installed Arch for the first time this weekend, and I'm trying to get to where I can run X reliably. Here's where I'm at: When I login as root, and run startx, it works as expected. It launches xterm with three little windows, my mous

[Solved] Apps compiled from source never work and a security question

Gentlemen, I'm a Linux noob but in spite of that I managed to install Archlinux thanks to a fine How To Wiki. 1. I have a question regarding compiling from source in Arch - does it differ from other linuxdistros? With other distros I normally install

[SOLVED] Apps freeze when i try to wirelessly print from this laptop

I have an HP Zv6000 running arch that is about 2 1/2 years old, and I have shared the printer on my main desktop so that the laptop can print wirelessly (the desktop also runs arch).  The problem is, when I try to print from the laptop, Openoffice st

The Application Solver Doesn't open

Whenever I try to open the "Solver "application the most unusual thing happens. It opens Microsoft Excel instead. There's this box following with the message that the Solver quit unexpectedly and a huge log is also presented: Process:         So

Can I use iCloud storage for iOS apps?

Hello, I'm trying to work out if it's possible to use iCloud to save/load data across devices with iOS apps created using Air. I know there is a lot of talk about now meeting the Apple data storage guidelines eg http://www.saumitrabhave.com/2011/11/a

TS1702 kindle app frozen in "waiting" on my ipod touch when I updated it...suggestions?

My iPod Touch App for Kindle froze in "waiting..." when I updated the App. Can't seem to find a fix. Any suggestions?Try: [How To] Solve Apps Waiting | iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch forums | iFansRead other 2 answers

IPod touch 3rd Gen won't finish app updates or movie download.

App updates would get stuck and stop downloading, so after trying different things I have restored to factory 5.01 without restoring any apps or data. That didn't work. App downloads hang, App updates hang. Movie downloads then after processing and s

My iMac is so slow since installing Maverick. Every app takes forever to load. My Mail is horrible. I'm not sure what to do. I ran EtreCheck - if anyone can I advise, I'd be grateful.

Hardware Information:           iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2009)           iMac - model: iMac10,1           1 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2 cores           4 GB RAM Video Information:           ATI Radeon HD 4670 - VRAM: 256 MB System Software:        

A new app

after installing LION I found a new app Solver only when i use Launchpad.but i was unable to find it in application folder.When i clickd it to open it appeared in the dock ,causing opening of MS EXEL and then a crash report appered like this.. Proces

Maximum app size, iPad

Hi I've read elsewhere that an ipa can be max 2GB in size, but any data downloaded after that is only limited to the amount of storage on the device. Can someone confirm this is the case with AIR for iPad? My app is small but will need to download an

HP Prime issue on solving C=S/M equation

Hi, I am trying to solve a simple equation C=S/M in the solver app. If I start from scratch I do get results with small numbers for S & M. However, when I use large figures (1,900,000/2,000,000), I receive a "Bad Guess(es)" error. The strang

Can't connect to ftp, app store or other servers

I am having trouble with my early 2009 24-inch iMac. Processor 3.06 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory 8Gb 1067 Mhz DDR3, Storage 1Tb, OS X Yosemite 10.10 (14A389). I connect to the internet using PPPoE and a VDSL2 cable modem. My problem is that my comput

Health App Lists Itself and iPhone as a Data Source

I use FitBit to track my steps. I also use the Sync Solver app which syncs data from FitBit to Apple's Health app. When I open the Apple Health app and look at the list of data sources for Steps, there are 3 data sources listed: Sync Solver iPhone 5s