Siri stopped reading messages...

November 30 0
Anybody else got this? iOS 8.0 came out and for a brief period I could say 'Hey, Siri' (pause) 'Read Last Message' whilst driving, absolutely brilliant, it meant I didn't have to try to catch it when I heard it come in.
Now it just tells me 'You have no new messages' even though I know I just gone one.
argh, should say iOS 8.1 on my installed version, 8.0.2 is when it started happening. Persists with 8.1.
Siri stopped reading messages...

Anybody else got this? iOS 8.0 came out and for a brief period I could say 'Hey, Siri' (pause) 'Read Last Message' whilst driving, absolutely brilliant, it meant I didn't have to try to catch it when I heard it come in. Now it just tells me 'You have

Siri speak text message through bluetooth?

With the Apple 6, Siri no longer "speak"s text message through a bluetooth. It only speaks through speaker so that everyone nearby can hear the text message. Anyone else have a problem with this? Has Apple fixed it?Have you checked Ford's websit

Have Siri read back messages, reminders

When I'm using Siri hands-free in my car via Bluetooth, she'll read back the content of texts and reminders, but not when I'm not using Bluetooth. Also, if I'm searching for a location, say the best place nearby for BBQ, she'll automatically select t

HT204389 How do u turn off Siri from text message

How do u turn off Siri on text messageyou can only completely disable Siri.  You can not selectively delete it for certain things.Read other 2 answers

Why wont Siri read out my messages and only gives business and traffic ?

If it wasn't bad enough that SIRI can only give you traffic and business locations in the US "I can only look for businesses, maps, and traffic in the United States, and when your're using U.S. English. Sorry about that." but it wont even read o

Siri mispronounces "read" as "red" in her own messaging

When asking Siri to "get new mail" she'll say how many messages are there, then says "shall I RED them to you" (that is, mispronouncing read as the past tense verb "red", not present/infinitive "reed"). This is buil

Siri reading previously read messages

Whenever I ask Siri to read messages that have just come in, she will read the previous 5 to 6 messages before that which I read before. Some of them are several days old. I've tried doing a reset and also have done a restore but the problem continue

Siri reading messages

Why won't Siri read my messages when I ask her to read them?Siri should be able to read your unread text messages. Is that what you're asking it to read?Read other 2 answers

Problems using Siri to send text message

hi im having problems using Siri to send text messages on my iPhone 5. When i try to send a message using Siri to somebody who does not own a iPhone Siri defaults the message to a iMessage instead of a standard text message, which then causes a messa

I have a question about siri

Ok, on siri, when you ask it to read a text it says, New message from______. Then on the next line it says, you can reply or read it agin, then it read the text, I was wondering, can  you make siri show the text and read it also?  Like what i mean is

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Hello All, I have flag deletion indicator for 1 material thru tcode MM06 Now i have to convert that error message into warning message.. For the same i went to path--spro - Mat mgmt-purchasing-Environmentdata-define attributes of System messages,but

IPhone 4s and China Mobile "welcome message" issue

Hi there, I've bought iPhone 4s and use it with China Mobile sim here in China. I'm experiencing a very annoying issue that makes my new iPhone 4s almost unusable: every now and then (pretty often actually even several times a minute sometime) I keep

I cant make calls using siri,

hi all i am from Fiji and i can use Siri to send messages but when i command her to make a call she responds with 'Sorry i can't call the number" i even tried using the country code etc...Do you have locations set?

Me: Siri, call my wife.  Siri: I don't see name of wife in your address book.

I say, Siri, call my wife, my dad, my brother.  Siri takes the message, understands what it means, and tells me she doesn't "see" the person, using the proper, full name to do so - so obviously she sees them! What to do?Check Settings>General

Bluetooth and siri

when in the car and using bluetooth system. Talking to siri about anything-messages, email, safari activates the cars system and it thinks you are going to make a call and the radio will silence. anyone else have this issue?Yes, I am having a lot of

Siri on iPad 3 launch not working

Siri on my iPad appears to work great except when I want to launch any app Siri responds that the app is not located. I have just done a full restore on my iPad and still have the same issue.  I can say Siri take a message and things work fine yet if

IPhone 4S Personal HotSpot not appearing in MacBook Pro or iPad2

I've been struggling for a long time detecting my iPhone 4S Personal Hotspot on my MacBook Pro and my iPad2.  Apple support has not been able to resolve the issue.  Sometimes the iPhone would show up; most of the time, not. Recently, after learning t

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dear abaper ,                      please send a HR report in which employee salary details are given.                                                        Thank you sir. Moderator Message: Warned many times. UserID sent for deletion. Edited by: ki

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Dear Experts, In our process we have lots of order type like ZMCE, ZMSE, ZSCM etc. and Material is different for the respective Order type. Example X for ZMCE & Y for ZMSE. Now I want to create order ZMCE with reference to Order no. of order type ZMS

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