SAP PI 7.3 AEX Multi mapping: Mapping failed with exception

October 11 5
I am encountering an issue with the multi mapping in SAP PI 7.3 AEX system.
Requirement for my interface is to pull a single file which has multiple records from the file directory.
Interface need to split the single file to multiple files.
For this I have implemented multi mapping in SAP PI 7.3(Stand alone Java) to split the single file to multiple files just like the way it is done in SAP PI 7.1. Tried this interface in SAP PI 7.1 system and works fine end to end.
I have done the testing in mapping(Test tab) in operational mapping, I could see response is getting generated successfully.
But when testing end to end,
I could see message is getting failed during mapping with the exception "failed to execute: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1” .
Occurrence has been changed to 0..unbounded in the Signature tab of the message mapping & same interface works fine in SAP PI 7.1
Our system is currently on SAP PI 7.31 (AEX) SP05 Patch "0".
Kindly let me know if someone has any idea on this particular exception in SAP PI 7.31 multi mapping Interface.
Thanks & Regards
Hi Jegathees,
Thanks for your reply.
In PI 7.31:
As we are doing 1:n mapping, I have maintained the source side occurrence as "1" and target side occurrence as "0..unbounded" in the signature tab of message mapping.
Even in PI 7.11 Occurrences were maintained in the same way.
Can you please give me more details of how exactly multimapping in PI 7.31 is different with respect to PI 7.1
Thanks & Regards
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