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hi ,
im currently doing a banner of size 72feet x 4 feet in photoshop. Doing it in 100% with a resolution of 72pixels/inch but i could not save the file in either EPS / PSD ... the only format available is TIFF / PSB / RAW. Is there any solutions to this ? Im sending it for print tml.
I suppose you could, I'm not sure how that would look at 72 feet, a PSB is specifically made for larger projects so the setting in the file type could make it look better.

hi , im currently doing a banner of size 72feet x 4 feet in photoshop. Doing it in 100% with a resolution of 72pixels/inch but i could not save the file in either EPS / PSD ... the only format available is TIFF / PSB / RAW. Is there any solutions to

Adding Metadata to JPEG, EPS, PSD, TIFF

Hi all, I would like to know how if is possible to a read and write metadata (basically Caption and Kewords fields) to a different kind of files (EPS with JPEG compression, TIFF, JPEG, PSD...) WITHOUT opening them in Photoshop. I need to manage all f

Photoshop CS5 crash when opening hi res psd

Does anyone have the same problem? When trying to open hi-res files like eps/psd/pdf, photoshop cs5 just crash. I have remove and reinstall the app 3times. And disabled OpenGL, its not helping. It is very annoying, i have to use my cs4 to do my hires

Creative Cloud Files のPSDファイルが同期できない

はじめての投稿となり.同じ質問があったらすみません. Creative Cloud Files のPSDファイルが同期できない. 2つのパターンで同期エラーが発生しています. ■同期が出来ないPSDのデータ内容 1)複数のレイヤーPSDがエラー レイヤーを複数使用しグループ化している 2)1つのPSDデータの容量が10MBをこえるデータ TIFFやEPSの画像ファイルではなくPSD場合におこる この2つのパターンでファイルを作成した場合は. クリエイティブクラウドの使用上の制限あって出来ないので

File Ext Openning problem!

I have searched all over my mac high and low and can not figure out out to make the default file ext. open in the correct program example .doc, .eps, .psd, .pdf, .indd I can only right click and have it open in program if I double click all files ope

I have many questions, I have called Support,  they refuse to forward or give me Tech Support See Be

Hi, I have many questions, and have had a very frustrating time to get in touch with the correct person. I have called support twice, both times even though it was a technical question about cloud, they refused to forward my calls and told me there i

Contents in Documents Folder Suddenly Empty

I'm a single user and I found that today my contents in documents folder suddenly empty. I also noticed that my free space doesn't have any change (the documents folder contents contain of thousands SVG, Ai, EPS, PSD, PNG, JPG, files). Unfortunately

How do I export my "manual sorting" of files to my new Adobe Bridge CC installation?

Hi all, I'll try to explain my situation: I have Adobe Bridge CC installed on my computer. I use the "manual sorting" to view and manage my files (mostly .eps/.psd). I'm moving to Win8.1 and I don't want to loose my manual sorting. How do I save

Batch processing with filename filter

Hi guys, Does anyone have any idea how to run a specific action in batch along with a filename filter? My problem is I have a folder with subfolders ie...  0001, 0002, 0003, 0004 etc   all these folders have approx 100 jpg files with the same filenam

How to preview graphic files on a home web server setup?

I apologize if this question is not asked in the most technical way, but here goes: I'm read online on how to create a home web server or ftp server on a Mac computer. (I plan to do this with my G5, running OSX 10.6.4) I would like to have a library

Adobe media encoder CS4 - alised graphics and small black bars at 480x360 for web---HELP!

I recently installed the CS4 premiere software with Adobe Media encoder. I encode video for the web. I have been a professional web video producer for over 10 years and have been using adobe products my whole career My issues are:      1)  I can not

InDesign CS3 Crashes When Placing Illustrator CS3 Art

Hi all- I've been having some problems over the past week with InDesign CS3. Specifically each and every time I try to place an Illustrator CS3 element, the dialog says it is importing the art. Then the trouble starts - InDesign grinds for about 10 s

Need help setting an indesign CS4 file to open in Photoshop CS4.

I've saved up the file as an eps, psd, jpg, and tiff with no avail.I saved it with the right extention. But I figured out my problem anyways. I was just trying to set up the measurments and the guides in indesign and then bring them into photoshop be

Export Graphic w/Transparency, CS6 Server, Fail

I have a script that loops through all graphics inside an adobe indesign document. The script senses what type of graphic file it is (JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PSD, etc), and, based on some simple rules, the graphic will get exported as either a JPEG, or a PN

Automatically run an action when a file opens

select all pathfinder | trim save I created an action and assigned it to F2. Will someone share how I can have that action run whenever a files opens, or write a javascript for me. This is for Illustrator CS4 Thanks CedricSorry about that, here is th

Need some advice - Newbie starting an advertising business..

Hello, I am new to Indesign, having used quark previously. Basically i print and publish an advertisment magazine. I create these advertisements from scratch or in some cases from logos i am sent by the clients via email. I need to understand whether

Embed Images in Ill. CS3

When I place a tif, eps, psd image in Illustrator CS3 it automatically embeds the image. How can I stop, I can't seem to find the option to stop.Check the 'Link' option at the bottom of the Place dialog box. And, in case you were not aware, you can c

Illustrator CS4 Error loading photoshopimport.aip

After I update system to Yosemite 10.10.2..... I got a great problem with Illustrator CS4 which can't link to photoshop tif eps psd........... I get the message "Error loading plugins". The plugin in question is "photoshopimport.aip".

Illustrator CS3 crashes when trying to place an item

I'm running CS3 on an iMac running OS 10.5.8. Just recently (the past few days) my Illustrator has been crashing when I attempt to place a file. I've attempted to place a variety of files (.jpg, .eps, .PSD) and usually Illustrator would crash after s

Do I need to save down a Photoshop CC file for someone to open from CS4?

I'm working from Creative Cloud version of Photoshop. Client is asking for files to be saved back to CS4 (mostly for InDesign, but I've done some jobs such as eblast in Photoshop). Is there a method, or will verison of Photoshop CS4 open CC PSD's?tj