Problem in PPOSE

October 11 0
When I am executing PPOSE transaction I am getting 'GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE' dump.Detailed dump :
Runtime Errors         <b>GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE</b>
Date and Time          03/27/2006 17:40:38
Field symbol has not been assigned.
What happened?
Error in ABAP application program.
The current ABAP program "SAPLRHOMDETAIL_APPL" had to be terminated because one
of the
statements could not be executed.
This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program.
|What can you do?                                                     
Error analysis
The system tried to access an anasigned field symbol (data segment
number 32772).
The field symbol is no longer assigned, because a Unicode program
previously tried to set the field symbol using an ASSIGN statement with
an offset/length declaration. The memory addressed in this offset/length
declaration, however, no longer lay within the valid range.
How to correct the error
You may able to find an interim solution to the problem
in the SAP note system. If you have access to the note system yourself,
use the following search criteria:
If you cannot solve the problem yourself and you wish to send
an error message to SAP, include the following documents:
1. A printout of the problem description (short dump)
To obtain this, select in the current display "System->List->
Save->Local File (unconverted)".
2. A suitable printout of the system log
To obtain this, call the system log through transaction SM21.
Limit the time interval to 10 minutes before and 5 minutes
after the short dump. In the display, then select the function
"System->List->Save->Local File (unconverted)".
3. If the programs are your own programs or modified SAP programs,
supply the source code.
To do this, select the Editor function "Further Utilities->
4. Details regarding the conditions under which the error occurred
or which actions and input led to the error.
System environment
SAP Release.............. "640"
Application server....... "chp454"
Network address.......... ""
Operating system......... "AIX"
Release.................. "5.1"
Hardware type............ "003F0C7D4C00"
Character length......... 16 Bits
Pointer length........... 64 Bits
Work process number...... 0
Short dump setting....... "full"
Database server.......... "chp454"
Database type............ "ORACLE"
Database name............ "P09"
Database owner........... "SAPDAT"
Character set............ "C"
SAP kernel............... "640"
Created on............... "Nov 6 2005 20:48:23"
Created in............... "AIX 1 5 00538A4A4C00"
Database version......... "OCI_920 "
Patch level.............. "99"
Patch text............... " "
Supported environment....
Database................. "ORACLE 8.1.7.., ORACLE 9.2.0.., ORACLE
SAP database version..... "640"
Operating system......... "AIX 1 5, AIX 2 5, AIX 3 5"
Memory usage.............
Roll..................... 16192
EM....................... 16759424
Heap..................... 0
Page..................... 253952
MM Used.................. 8570200
MM Free.................. 3996376
SAP Release.............. "640"
User and Transaction
Client.............. 600
User................ "ABLANCHE"
Language key........ "E"
Transaction......... "PPOSE "
Program............. "SAPLRHOMDETAIL_APPL"
Screen.............. "SAPLRHOMDETAIL_APPL 0400"
Screen line......... 3
Information on where terminated
The termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLRHOMDETAIL_APPL" in
The main program was "OM_START_NF ".
The termination occurred in line 181 of the source code of the (Include)
of the source code of program "LRHOMDETAIL_APPLF01" (when calling the editor
Source Code Extract
read table offset_info with key
fieldname = used_infties-sname.
if offset_info-inttype = 'P'.
assign act_pnnnn+offset_info-offset(offset_info-intlen)
to <current_infty_field_comp>
type offset_info-inttype
decimals offset_info-decimals.
assign act_pnnnn+offset_info-offset(offset_info-intlen)
to <current_infty_field_comp>
type offset_info-inttype.
index_count = 2.
compare values of this special field
while index_count <= period_num.
read table act_pnnnn index index_count.
if offset_info-inttype = 'P'.
assign act_pnnnn+offset_info-offset(offset_info-intlen)
to <current_infty_field>
type offset_info-inttype
decimals offset_info-decimals.
assign act_pnnnn+offset_info-offset(offset_info-intlen)
to <current_infty_field>
type offset_info-inttype.
if <current_infty_field> <> <current_infty_field_comp>.
given_periods-begda = act_pnnnn-begda.
given_periods-endda = act_pnnnn-endda.
append given_periods.
<current_infty_field_comp> = <current_infty_field>.
index_count = index_count + 1.
sort given_periods by begda endda.
Anybody with any thoughts???Thanks.
Are you on a Unicode enabled system? If yes, pl verify if the SAP Note No. 900669 is relevant in your scenario.
Suresh Datti
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When I am executing PPOSE transaction I am getting 'GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE' dump.Detailed dump : Runtime Errors         <b>GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED_RANGE</b> Date and Time          03/27/2006 17:40:38 ShrtText Field symbol has not been assigned. W

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