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November 30 0
For a while now i've not been able to preview any of my folios through the preview on device setting via the Folio builder. I have the most upto date builder panel. Anyone had this sort of problem?
Thanks in advance.
This is what I get when I click make new folio. No dialog box for viewer version. See below.
Preview on [device name] option not available

Preview on [device name] option not available on Folio OverlaysIn v20 its available in the Folio Builder panel (iPad only, I think). You have to plug to your Mac to the iPad with the USB cable and starting the Adobe Content Viewer app on the iPad fir

Preview on Device

Hello, For a while now i've not been able to preview any of my folios through the preview on device setting via the Folio builder. I have the most upto date builder panel. Anyone had this sort of problem? Thanks in advance.This is what I get when I c

Announcement - Preview on device failures.

DPS services is shutting down the bridge service until we  can roll out a hot fix that resolves the current situation. Customers  are currently experiencing problems uploading and downloading content  from  We are working on

Use Preview on Device for Android on Mac - how to make it working?

We are using preview on iPad through USB connection on daily basis, but now we need to preview on Android as well. I've tried setup on following page, but it's not working for me - i have USB Debuging enabled (it's nicely hidden on Jelly Bean 4.2.2 o

Preview in device central not working

Running Dreamweaver CS5 on mac and when designing the site and i click preview in device central, nothing happens, nothing loads up, it's like it just doesn't workI just looked in the libary folder for device central and found that there isn't anythi

Preview on Device support for iPad

I've just created our custom Adobe Content Viewer for iPad with new Viewer Builder and installed new tools and folio builder. From my understanding i need some third party app, which will allow me access files on iPad - i'm using PhoneView. So, my se

Error when trying to preview on device : unable to copy files to device

I have  an error with the device preview function. Everything is installed and has worked 2-3 times, but painfully. An error is often displayed and says unable to copy files to the device. What is the problem? Have you this error?Are you using this f

Preview on device from folio overlays panel is fuzzy

I'm new to DPS so I'm sure there's a setting somewhere that I haven't checked, but why is the text fuzzy on my iPad when I preview my article? I have a retina iPad, my document is 1024x768, and I'm using the "Preview on XYZ iPad" function at the

Xoom + Mac, preview on device ?

i think i followed step by step the instructions on f6.html but i still can't get my xoom numbers to show under the "preview on desktop" menu on the mac.

Print Preview of smartform  with device type EPESCP9

Hi all, I have created a z smartform to print commercial invoice. I am using dot matrix print Epson FX-2170 to print invoice. For this printer the device type is EPESCP9. So I created an output device having device type EPESCP9. I have assigned the r

How to preview on the device (iPad) ?

With the last update of Folio Producer Tools / Folio Builder Panel, it's said we can preview a local folio directly on the iPad. I have tried that with a local folio, but the folio panel only shows "displays on the desktop". My iPad is connected

Help please! In InDesign DPS, my folio files are fine, but when previewing, random elements disappear?

I have been working on these files now for a long time. All of a sudden, when I updated my Folio recently and previewed it, random elements disappeared from view. Images, text, buttons, all are just not visible at random. Please help me out as I need

IPad not showing up as Preview Option in Folio Builder

I'm currently using Adobe DPS (Windows), and trying to preview my folio in an iPad. I've got the Content Viewer app open on the iPad, am signed in, and am also signed in in Folio Builder. And of course, I've got the iPad plugged into the computer. Af

No matter what, I cant get the Device Selector to become active in Netbeans

This is totally frustrating. For the life of me, I cannot get the Device Selector to work On my Development machine I've installed all the prerequisites for Java ME SDK 3.3 EA (Early Access) using Raspberry Pi. Windows 7, Netbeans 7.3 full bundle wit

Smartform device configuration

I have a report that print a label, when i run the program i want the default parametter in the printer's window are: - OutputDevice = LOCL - Print immediately -> checked - Delete after Output -> checked In the program i use data : lv_output_options

Custom HTML widget unable to load once previewed

Hi guys , i've recently created a iAd Project , i converted into a widget and i drag and dropped onto the iBook Author , but when i click preview , it doesnt want to preview unless i right-click on the widget and select the only option reload, perhap

Previewing instantly on a tethered iPad. Help!

How can i build a customer viewer in Viewer Builder then preview instantly on a tethered iPad?. I gather you build a local Folio , but i'm struggling to link that to the viewer builder. I am using v20 tools. Thanks. Scott–same workflow with custom vi

Folios for lectures and students : impossible to preview...

Hello everyone, I would like to create folios as complement to my lectures using InDesign CS6 but I'm wondering whether this is possible without any Creative clouds or DPS membership. According to Adobe's help, I understand it is : "The Folio Builder

AE CC Dropped Blackmagic Card in Video Preview

When i upgraded to CC i selected The BM card in the Video Preview "Output Device" preference in AE but 1 day later the Option has dissapeared and only "Computer Monitor only" is an option. Does anyone have a solution on how to get my B

Adobe Photoshop CS5 3D

I have installed Photoshop CS5 Extended on my laptop. I know it's outdated but CC does not run well on my laptop. I have a 2Ghz Dual-Core processor with a 3 GB Ram. I have a  Intel 965/963 Graphics Media Accelerator. I know it's not good but it meets