Premiere Pro CC (8.1) on MacBook Pro (late 2011, build 8.1) bad playback, stutters, drops frames, loses sync

November 30 0
I've used Premiere Pro as a playback device for video files for festivals etc for about 4 years. Unique amongst software (?) players PP can easily adapt to the multiple resolutions, codecs and, especially, frame rates we now encounter via Sequence Settings.
But in all that time I've had issues with mediocre playback with dropped frames, loss of audio sync and stuttering commonly seen. I have recently upgraded to PP 8.1 and Mac OSX 10.9.5 and have installed SSDs on the Thunderbolt bus so I had hoped things would be better but infact they are worse. I've seen lots of threads here and on Creative Cow about this but apart from the obvious setup issues nothing seems to have solved most of these peoples problems. So can PP play out smoothly on a rendered (or not?) timeline? If Quicktime, Avid and Resolve can play the movie properly why can't Premiere Pro?
I do note that my GPU (AMD Radeon 6770M) is no longer listed as supported but and ATI Radeon 6770M is. Is this the issue?
I too have problems with audio on CS6.05, I wanted to route my audio thru my digi003 interface, but no avail., tried it on my Presonus light pipe, nada. I have a matrox mojito max and tried to download using it;s vetura capture software, still dropouts. I then went to and downloaded the free Cineform Decoder Codec under the downloads file and used it, No more dropouts as of date when using this codec. Its listed as Gopro Cineform 4k/3D/HD codec.
Premiere Pro CC (8.1) on MacBook Pro (late 2011, build 8.1) bad playback, stutters, drops frames, loses sync

I've used Premiere Pro as a playback device for video files for festivals etc for about 4 years. Unique amongst software (?) players PP can easily adapt to the multiple resolutions, codecs and, especially, frame rates we now encounter via Sequence Se

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