Po deleted in ME2N but GR/IR is showing balance in FI

October 11 0
Hi gurus,
MM people has deleted purchase order but GR/IR is showing balance against said PO no.Whenever po gets cancelled,the entry to be reveresed in FI.But it did not happaen.It is showing open  GR/Ir in FI
Pl advise.
You should cancelled or reversed MM document instead of FI document before you delete the PO.
Po deleted in ME2N but GR/IR is showing balance in FI

Hi gurus, MM people has deleted purchase order but GR/IR is showing balance against said PO no.Whenever po gets cancelled,the entry to be reveresed in FI.But it did not happaen.It is showing open  GR/Ir in FI Pl advise. Regards, SamarYou should cance

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Hi Experts, i need material have all zero's like this it as deleted. Matrial No 1567 open Balance 0.00 Mat Doc    Mat Dat  Mvt    Doc No     Recipts    issues      balance 0.00           0.00                 0.00        0.00         0.00         0.00

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I've been using this bapi for some time with US tax codes and now need to make it work with Canadian codes. The Canadian tax codes in our system are set as 'Deductible' (T007B-STAZF 'tax not deductible' is left blank). I am passing tax information in

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제품 : ORACLE SERVER 작성날짜 : 2004-07-21 DISPATCHER 의 TRACE =================== PURPOSE Explanation MTS 를 사용 시 다음의 2 가지 message 를 이용하여 그 상태를 점검할 수 있다. - Network messages - virtual circuit messages. Network messages 는 client and the dispatcher process 간에

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I have 2 STO's which  are appearing on ME2N report at the top Both orders were cancelled by us and the quantities reduced to 0 Pallets. The shipments have been completed at the plant and according to us they have been received at the other plant. The

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Hi Team, one of my user is using purchasing reports to analyse their spend in saphowever in some cases the purchis reports are incorrect, Using transaction MCE1 these are showing so many inconsistencies: Also while riuning ME2N for the same purchasin

List of deleted PO

hi all, can anyone please tell me how can i get the list of deleted PO? or tell me from which tcode i can get the same? regards saurabh.hi go to ME2N here select dynamic selection (red green button or shift+F4) now here select PURCHASING DOCUMENT HEA

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Hi Gurus while executing ME2N report per one month period it displaying deleted PO information also in that report Is there any option to filter the deleted PO list in this report? I dont wat deleted PO list in the ME2N report . Please guide me Regar

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Hi all, I tried to implement my own custom report which is similar to me2n transaction.The code which i had written is working only for certain purchase document numbers.I did not get any clue regarding this field other then this implementation. The

Details of  deleted and reversed po

dear friends,          pls suggest me from which t-code i can indentify list of  deleted po & reversed po . thanks   AminHi, You can generate report of deleted PO. T code ME2N. Select dynamic selection (Shift + F4). Open the Purchasing document item